The Good Doctor

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Sep 25, 2017 - Present




Drama / Medical


Shaun - Freddie HighmoreClaire - Antonia ThomasNeal - Nicholas GonzalezJared - Chuku ModuSarah - Irene KengJessica - Beau GarrettMarcus - Hill HarperAaron - Richard Schiff

A medical drama following an autistic doctor who relocates to a new hospital.

Dr. Shaun Murphy is a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome who leaves his quiet, country life behind to join the surgical unit at a renowned hospital in San Jose, California.

Alone in his new surroundings and not able to form a personal connection with his peers, Dr. Murphy puts his extraordinary medical gifts to use in order to save lives and challenge his skeptical colleagues.

Comments (14)

Dianne Cain
10/12/17 at 01:24am

Wow! So far the best of the season. Freddie Highmore hits another one out of the park. So glad to see it has been picked up for full season.
10/10/17 at 11:02pm

David Shore does it again! Absolutely great!
michael dobey
10/07/17 at 10:43am

Great show. few people with extreme autism would be capable of doing this type of job but it is possible. High level autistic people do many types of jobs. This guy though is extremely autistic. Anyways, this is not doogie h as one person stated. This person is around twenty. It's doing very well too.
09/28/17 at 10:06pm

Great show!! Glad to see "thinking outside the box" and allowing it to be put to good use. I hope this show sticks around.
09/28/17 at 02:00pm

I liked the pilot. Hope this one sticks around.
09/27/17 at 03:50pm

@Ryan, With viewership numbers just from one episode it will make more than one season. Monday's premiere opened to 11.6 mill viewers and a 2.2.
09/27/17 at 01:30pm

I loved the pilot! What a great show!
David Wood
09/26/17 at 08:43am

The pilot was well done. Predictable underdog hero saves the day scenarios but it still felt good.
The problem is: will this be a repetitive, ongoing gimmick (his savant superpower butting heads with doubting authority figures)? That could get tiresome fast.
09/26/17 at 08:07am

6 seasons, not quite. Won't last one season, but nice try.
Lisa in Tampa
09/26/17 at 04:14am

I didn't want to like this show, but I'll admit I loved the first episode.

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