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Ray D.
10/19/17 at 07:33pm

I suspected this show would make it to season two. With the established pattern of "a crisis every day" as the asteroid nears, who knows what is to come. In total agreement with Gator about keeping the "petty emotional relationship crap to a minimum."
10/19/17 at 07:12pm

Amazing. This is quite possibly one of the worst "sitcoms" to ever air. There's not a single shred of humor in it.
10/19/17 at 06:37pm

So glad to hear that this is coming back so we can see how it goes. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.
10/19/17 at 05:57pm

I did not watch, and would not watch. I try to leave politics out of my entertainment. Especially when your political beliefs are all lies and drunken rants about stuff she has know knowledge about.
10/19/17 at 04:28pm

I am shocked and thrilled! I was bummed that I even watched Salvation when I got to the end and absolutely nothing was wrapped up. Let's hope next season they figure out how to wrap some parts up and leave us wanting more whether it manages a 3rd season or not. Great cast for the most part and great twists and turns. CBS got this one right.
the truth
10/19/17 at 11:07am

They built a business on the backs of a show, turned the show into a marketing campaign for large corporations, and were surprised when people forgot they sold to the public. They are failing because they product became them fighting, and that became stale. If they are "Motorcycle builders" than they should be able to make money. They are reality show actors who can build a bike. My guess is that the "customers" will be Corporations again and when the show fails they will lose the place.
the truth
10/19/17 at 10:58am

She was a combination of John oliver (preaching to the choir) and Steve Colbert (why did the chicken cross the road? Mr. Tr--p!) The first part brings in no new voices and viewers. The second part becomes white noise. After a while the white noise gets so loud that people give up on it and with no new viewers it is just a downhill slide.
10/19/17 at 10:37am

I've give it a chance, but don't have high hopes for it sticking around. Reboots don't usually make it or live up to the original.
10/19/17 at 10:35am

Paalease... She did not end her show on her terms. Netflix axed it due to low ratings and simply helped her go out with grace, but let's be real. The show was canned because no one was watching.
10/19/17 at 09:21am

Good, now we can finish the last three episodes on the DVR, we wasn't about to watch a possible ending that leaves us hanging if it was going to be canceled.

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