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The Mick

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A comedy following a woman who becomes the guardian of her estranged sister's children.

Mackenzie, aka Mickey, is an overbearing hustler from Rhode Island who lives an aimless life with no real responsibility. While visiting her estranged sister and wealthy brother-in-law in search of a handout, she is shocked when they flee the country to escape federal fraud charges.

As a result, Mickey is left to assume guardianship of the couple's three high-maintenance children. It's not all bad though, as with this added responsibility come some of the perks that she has always wanted, like the mansion with walk-in closet and the luxury car.

Can Mikey leave her irresponsible ways behind and adapt to her new life while transforming these spoiled kids into decent members of society?

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Posted 11/29/16 at 09:13:25

Based on the previews I've seen, it looks like it is going to be a ratings disaster for Fox. The same people who got "The Simpsons" renewed (a show that has been in a quality decline for years) have now green-lighted this train wreck.

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Genre: Comedy

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Kaitlin Olson (Mackenzie)
Sofia Black D'Elia (Sabrina)
Thomas Barbusca (Chip)
Jack Stanton (Ben)
Carla Jimenez (Alba)
Susan Park (Liz)