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TV Tidbit: Season 2 of The Mick premieres on Tuesday, Sept 26 at 9:00pm.

The Mick

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Network: Fox

A comedy following a woman who becomes the guardian of her estranged sister's children.

Mackenzie, aka Mickey, is an overbearing hustler from Rhode Island who lives an aimless life with no real responsibility. While visiting her estranged sister and wealthy brother-in-law in search of a handout, she is shocked when they flee the country to escape federal fraud charges.

As a result, Mickey is left to assume guardianship of the couple's three high-maintenance children. It's not all bad though, as with this added responsibility come some of the perks that she has always wanted, like the mansion with walk-in closet and the luxury car.

Can Mikey leave her irresponsible ways behind and adapt to her new life while transforming these spoiled kids into decent members of society?

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Steve Adams
Posted 06/03/17 at 18:39:47

This is show is terrible what was Fox thinking when they renewed it They need to cancel this for certain and bring back APB the Second Season would have been Great.
Posted 02/27/17 at 20:43:13

I love the Cleveland show I want fox to make New episodes it has a good run did better than Joey 4 seasons I want tca back
Posted 01/26/17 at 13:35:35

Ok. A few more episodes in and I think I'm done. I'm so bummed. I really expected to love this show. The best scenes have actually been when they had Mackenzie's "is he or isn't he" boyfriend in them. At least I'll always have It's Always Sunny......
Tribble Trouble
Posted 01/24/17 at 11:43:48

So wanted to love this show. So didn't. The first episode had some moments, but every episode since then just gets more and more stupid. I took it off my DVR.
Posted 01/16/17 at 06:43:39

Tried the first episode and it had a few chuckles. Mostly it was *meh*, but I always give new shows at least three episodes before I make a decision on whether or not I continue watching. I have now added The Mick to the "not watching" list. The humor is agenda driven, and I think that hurts the show because hitting bullet points is more important than delivering on laughs.
Posted 01/12/17 at 12:42:53

It's an ok show. Not surprised to see the ratings dip though. I might check in now and then but it's not one I'll add to my regular viewing.
michael dobey
Posted 01/12/17 at 07:33:03

The show is doing well. It's a funny show. This is not a cable show. And on that level it's very funny. All these doom and gloom postings don't reflect how well the show is doing. It got better each episode.
Posted 01/11/17 at 12:09:36

This show is worst show I've seen in ages
Posted 01/10/17 at 19:54:46

Such potential... such a disaster. I watched the first three shows. #1 was good - setting premise. #2 still watching, some laughs. #3 about birth control was just awful. I wanted to shut the show off. I love "Sweet Dee" and thought this show was a good premise. And, yes, I did like Sons of Tuscon, believe it or not. This has been a real disappointment. I will try it one more show, but at this rate, I see it failing. Sad, because I wanted it to succeed. So little to watch anymore that is good that isn't reality TV, Sports, or News.
David Wood
Posted 01/10/17 at 19:40:13

A bit iffy feeling about this one.
On paper, if this were a drama, it would sound horrible. But it's a comedy and the massive level of depravity all around is kinda funny.
Don't know how long I can stand it, though.

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Genre: Comedy

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Kaitlin Olson (Mackenzie)
Sofia Black D'Elia (Sabrina)
Thomas Barbusca (Chip)
Jack Stanton (Ben)
Carla Jimenez (Alba)
Susan Park (Liz)