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The Mist

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Network: Spike

A sci-fi thriller following a town that is enveloped by a mysterious mist.

After a family is torn apart by a brutal crime, an eerie mist rolls into their small town and isolates its residents from the rest of the world. Family, friends, and even adversaries must now band together as the rules of society break down, in order to battle the mysterious mist and the threats it brings.

Based on a story by Stephen King.

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Comments (5)

Posted 08/07/17 at 12:39:08

This show is weird and totally different from the book....but I actually like it. However I do agree with Gabbie. They need to get rid of the mom. Seriously can't stand her character. Not that any of the characters are particularly likable because they're not, but she is the worst of them all.
Posted 08/01/17 at 19:00:26

I'm liking this show more and more with each episode. The character development is interesting and the dialogue is realistic considering it is a supernatural show. I'm sure it is not getting the audience that it deserves since it is on a channel that is still in its growing stages. But, it is likely not to be cancelled for the same reason. I look forward to each new episode.
Posted 07/15/17 at 21:56:31

Kill off the mom.
Posted 06/26/17 at 14:18:39

I've read the book and seen other video renditions of this novel. Based only on seeing the first episode, this is the best version I've seen. That's not to say that it is going to continue to please but so far it's a good start. I like that the townsfolk are stuck in a mall. That provides a wider scope of plot options. Earlier screenplays were limited to a convenience store with just a few people inside. This new concept already seems much more interesting. Time will tell.
Posted 06/22/17 at 14:03:14

No monsters = suck

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Genre: Sci-fi / Horror

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Alyssa Sutherland (Eve)
Isiah Whitlock (Jr.,Gus)
Holly Deveaux (Zoe)
Gus Birney (Alex)
Luke Cosgrove (Jay)
Nabeel El Khafif (Raj)
Greg Hovanessian (Wes)
Romaine Waite (Kyle)
Danica Curcic (Mia)
Okezie Morro (Bryan)