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Sep 10, 2017 - Present




Comedy / Sci-fi


Ed - Seth MacFarlaneKelly - Adrianne PalickiGordon - Scott GrimesClaire - Penny JohnsonBortus - Peter MaconIsaac - Mark JacksonJohn - J. LeeAlara - Halston SageYaphit - Norm Macdonald

A sci-fi comedy following the futuristic adventures of a space exploration vessel.

Four hundred years in the future, Earth is part of the advanced and mostly-peaceful Planetary Union. The U.S.S. Orville is a mid-level exploratory vessel that is one of the planet's fleet of 3000 faster-than-light spaceships.

The ship's human and alien crew are led by rookie officer Ed Mercer, who is determined to prove his worth despite his First Officer being his ex-wife. Together, they face the wonders and dangers of outer space, while also dealing with the familiar workplace problems.

Comments (24)

11/18/17 at 07:47am

Glad this was picked up for a 2nd season. I really like whenever Kelly (Adrianne Paliki) is in a scene. She's so hot. She makes it a pleasure to pleasure myself while watching.
11/12/17 at 10:42am

I LOVE this show!! The last episode with Rob Lowe as the blue guy was hilarious. Seth is doing an excellent job with the series. So glad to see that it was already renewed for season two. Hopefully it will be around for many years to come.
11/10/17 at 01:13pm

I was really caught off guard by the episode titled Cupids Dagger. Pretty bold stuff, although not as bold as some shows. The scene with Dr. Finn (Penny Johnson) and the gelatinous creature 'Yaphit' immersing themselves in some interspecies love making was pretty hot!
Bernard Woods
10/24/17 at 12:39pm

The Orville is one of the best on TV.
Done cancel the Orville.
10/20/17 at 01:59am

I hope they don't cancel this show. I love whenever Kelly (Adrianne Palicki) is on screen.
10/20/17 at 00:21am

Just released: show is cancelled.
10/19/17 at 09:25pm

It's a great family show!!
Please do not cancel it until after the 5th season so I can buy the DVD set!!!
10/18/17 at 09:14pm

A very fresh and lighthearted take on Star Trek and Sci-fi in general. Why does sci-fi need to be so dark, serious, and foreboding all the time? It's okay to have fun. I hope they keep this show coming. I look forward to The Orville more than most other shows!
10/17/17 at 06:31pm

And which episode was that ? ,ive found nothing wrong so far and im enjoying it ...
already deserves a renewal ...
10/12/17 at 00:37am

I know there are negative comments but for me it is because the show is so poorly done. I don't mind parody or comedy but the one episode I saw was not even funny because it was all so lamely written.

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