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Sep 10, 2017 - Present




Comedy / Sci-fi


Ed - Seth MacFarlaneKelly - Adrianne PalickiGordon - Scott GrimesClaire - Penny JohnsonBortus - Peter MaconIsaac - Mark JacksonJohn - J. LeeAlara - Halston SageYaphit - Norm Macdonald

A sci-fi dramedy following the futuristic adventures of a space exploration vessel.

Four hundred years in the future, Earth is part of the advanced and mostly-peaceful Planetary Union. The U.S.S. Orville is a mid-level exploratory vessel that is one of the planet's fleet of 3000 faster-than-light spaceships.

The ship's human and alien crew are led by rookie officer Ed Mercer, who is determined to prove his worth despite his First Officer being his ex-wife. Together, they face the wonders and dangers of outer space, while also dealing with the familiar workplace problems.

Comments (39)

01/01/20 at 11:08pm

Waiting until "late 2020" for Orville to return? By then, I'll no longer remember why I liked the show in the first place...what a waste. I'm out.
Jody Jones
12/29/19 at 10:19pm

I loved this show! I will not subscribe to another service though. Such a shame too.
12/23/19 at 12:04pm

oh come on seth's shows are all good..... "why did the move to HULU" makes no sense to me
10/28/19 at 07:28pm

It just might as well be canceled. I liked they show, just wish they kept it on network. I won’t subscribe to huLu just to see this show. Too bad, it had promise!
Mike F
10/18/19 at 05:52pm

Too many other sources - I don't do Hulu.
Parish J
09/20/19 at 11:25am

Love the show but so sorry to see it get moved to Hulu. For that purpose in itself I will never another episode unless it gets moved back to Network/Cable TV again.
michael dobey
05/11/19 at 03:13pm

We lost the passage this year but at least we kept this one!. Season 3 is a go!
05/11/19 at 02:02pm

Just heard it was picked up for Season 3!
05/04/19 at 03:16am

I love this show. I would love to see more about Mercer’s background etc. there’s a lot about bortus (which is still great) but I would love to see more about Mercer or Grayson. Also! My favorite character was Kitan. Hope she’s going to bigger things.
03/18/19 at 03:07pm

After the episode featuring the huge space battle, I'm suprised that the script writers would somehow validate the "rights" of an android who betrayed the Orville and the Union, resulting in murder of several Orville crew members, i.e. the poor guy who was jettisoned out into space! If this were real, and the Orville was real, I'd protest and argue that androids cannot think or have feelings, so why give this piece of crap space junk any rights? I'm done with this show. A disappointment.

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