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Network: NBC

A comedy following a New York lawyer who travels to a small Southern town to defend an eccentric client.

Josh Segal is an eager, young New York City lawyer who leaves the big city and heads to a small Southern town to take on his first big case. His new client, Larry, is an eccentric poetry professor who is accused of the strange murder of his beloved wife.

It isn't long after settling into his makeshift office behind a taxidermy shop that Josh realizes that winning his first big case will not be as easy as he thought, especially when his client has a way of making himself look guilty.

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Posted 05/20/17 at 15:05:19

Yeah! They got one right! Trial & Error is very good! Happy it got renewed!!
Christian Cage
Posted 05/05/17 at 02:42:18

Best new comedy by far this year, excited to see this series continue! :)
Posted 04/27/17 at 13:29:00

This show is so funny. It better get a season 2!!!
Posted 04/08/17 at 19:09:44

This show is a little formulaic in using the "mockumentary" device...
BUT! I have to say that it started to grow on me around episode 3 or 4. It's definitely best if binged. I'm not sure if week to week will serve this show well...
Posted 03/26/17 at 23:04:13

Not a good series. Only shows NBC has no clue what the TV viewer is looking for. Stopped watching after two episodes....
Posted 03/21/17 at 11:42:02

Watched the pilot and was excited when the credits came and the show ended. I am a huge John Lithgow fan, but will not be watching this show again.
David Wood
Posted 03/19/17 at 10:42:14

Generally funny, but having virtually the entire judicial system rigged against the "Northeaster" new guy left a sour taste.
Posted 03/07/17 at 09:40:21

Incorrect premiere date, it is actually 3/14/17.
Posted 03/06/17 at 13:26:49

This show looks like it will be great. I'm looking forward to it.

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Genre: Comedy / Legal

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Nick D'Agosto (Josh)
Steven Boyer (Dwayne)
John Lithgow (Larry)
Sherri Shepherd (Anne)
Jayma Mays (Carol Anne)
Krysta Rodriguez (Summer)