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Oct 09, 2017 - Jan 29, 2018


The CW




Leland - Matt BarrNora - Christina OchoaIan - Charlie BarnettJimmy - W. Trè DavisJess - Corbin ReidRobert - Nigel ThatchThea - Melissa Roxburgh

A military drama following the relationship between two Army pilots who survive a mission gone awry.

An elite unit of U.S. Army helicopter pilots known as the Shadow Raiders are out on a secret mission in Somalia that goes horribly wrong. Captain Leland Gallo and Warrant Officer Nora Madani are the only two members of the team to return safely, and as the two grow closer they find themselves torn between duty, honor, and desire.

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07/03/18 at 07:06am

Thanks You, Thank You, Thank You!
Of all the "military based" shows on TV at present this was the WORST! I could not stand the characters nor the actors. The story lines and characters were pathetic and just wrong. An Army Warrant Officer at age 28ish --- NOT! Totally unbelievable and just wrong, who was your Technical Adviser?
05/30/18 at 04:44pm

Too unrealistic, a captain with a beard, here in the CONUS, I don't think so ...
05/09/18 at 05:42pm

Waiting on a Good Ending .......Didn't like how it Ending
03/28/18 at 09:31pm

This is a very good show.
02/26/18 at 07:05am

Not A Bad show, but just like anything else The CW Airs It's all sappy...
01/07/18 at 03:51pm

As a veteran (U.S. Navy) I hope it gets another season. Really enjoy it!
11/24/17 at 03:00pm

Just ok, needs to pick up
10/27/17 at 09:55am

A good premise gone soap opera. The first 2 episodes was all I could take.
10/17/17 at 11:13am

I am sure the difficulty in making a successful program about the military that appeals to millenials is beyond belief! Keep trying y'all ain't anywhere near yet!
10/16/17 at 08:37pm

Wow. Really bad. Not just a little,but really bad.

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