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A period drama following the lost years of a young William Shakespeare.

Told in a contemporary style with a modern soundtrack, this drama follows a twenty-something William Shakespeare as he arrives in London in 1589.

In a time when theatre was like rock and roll, this young man's recklessness and tortured brilliance channels into his words as he looks to make a name for himself.

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Comments (2)

Margo D
Posted 07/31/17 at 06:20:38

Someone posted the whole season online and I can't say I'm sad about it. Wow, what an ending. This really needs a second if not third season.
D Kaplan
Posted 07/28/17 at 00:00:48

This show is absolutely incredible. We've been ripping through the entire season. At first, I was marginally turned off by the modern music and other things they would bring in, but now I really need another season.
The acting is great, the scripting is great, the whole concept just works. If you like Shakespeare, you can't not love this.

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Genre: Drama

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Laurie Davidson (William)
Olivia DeJonge (Alice)
Mattias Inwood (Richard)
William Houston (Kemp)
Colm Meaney (James)