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Wisdom of the Crowd

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A drama following a tech innovator who creates an app to help solve crimes.

After the death of his daughter, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jeffrey Tanner takes the notion that a million minds are better than one and develops a crowd-sourcing app to help solve her murder.

Known as "Sophe", the cutting-edge online platform uses publicly-shared information that uses the combined wisdom of a large group of people. Realizing his inventions potential, his determination grows from solving a case personal to him to helping many others that could benefit from this new technology.

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Posted 07/07/17 at 14:39:51

THIS sounds like it will be a really good show. IF it's done right, that is.
However, the first strike against it is Jeremy Piven. Seriously?? JEREMY PIVEN??? Could there be a worst lead for a crime show??
'Nuff said....smh...

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Jeremy Piven (Jeffrey)
Richard T. Jones (Tommy)
Natalia Tena (Sara)
Blake Lee (Josh)
Jake Matthews (Tariq)
Monica Potter (Alex)