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May 29, 2018 - Present


WGN America


Drama / Crime


Tommy - Dominic MonaghanMikael - Michael Nyqvist

A thriller following an New York cop who travels to Stockholm in the hunt for a serial killer.

NYPD Detective Tommy Conley travels to Sweden via a special arrangement with his department in the hunt for a serial killer. There, he observes and advises the Stockholm PD as he suspects a connection between a series of murders in New York and a death in Sweden.

Once in Stockholm he is paired with Mikael Eklund, a Swedish cop who is not too keen on American culture. Despite their differences, the two detectives work together to get to the bottom of the mysterious killings and stop the killer-at-large.

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07/05/18 at 08:56am

The last 5 episodes are so intense that they had to move the show to late night for the last 5 episodes. That's what I heard one of the commercials for the new time change. So it's not because of its ratings.
07/03/18 at 09:29pm

I just found out while watching tonight's show that it will air at 12 midnight on Wednesdays starting next week.

That's worse than banishing a show to Saturdays which usually means it won't be around too long.
06/27/18 at 04:37pm

You have to pay attention and watch closely so you don't miss the subtitles when the Swedish detectives speak in Swedish. Makes it hard to multi task while watching this show.
Frances M Stefanski
06/20/18 at 11:05am

My husband loves this series and hopes it will be renewed.

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