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Jan 03, 2018 - Present






Athena - Angela BassettBobby - Peter KrauseAbby - Connie BrittonEvan - Oliver StarkHowie - Kenneth ChoiHenrietta - Aisha HindsMichael - Rockmond Dunbar

A drama following the lives and careers of first responders.

Police Officers, firefighters, and paramedics are the people who put their lives on the line to save and protect others.

Based on the high-pressure experiences of real-life first responders, this series takes viewers into pulse-pounding situations that are always intense, often unpredictable, and at times, uplifting.

Follow these heroes as they work to balance saving the lives of those who are vulnerable with the everyday issues in their own lives.

Comments (13)

02/13/18 at 06:00pm

Just finished pilot episode. Love it. Good moving drama with people with real lives and stories to be told.
01/27/18 at 11:03am

Another show with beautiful people saving ugly people, and almost nobody dies. Very realistic!!!
01/24/18 at 05:43pm

I really, really love this show. It is one of those television programs where anyone is at risk of dying or getting hurt, even some of the main(ish) characters. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat. I love it!
01/23/18 at 04:30pm

I am not sure what the inbreds above that dislike this show are watching but this show is great. It has many different characters stories that are just starting to develop. I feel there is so much for this show to give. Some shows are great out of the gate and others need time to develop. This show has started off well and is getting better.
01/22/18 at 03:39am

Horrible, wasted cast
01/19/18 at 10:15pm

I dislike this show sad because I had such high hopes for it too I really Like Connie as an actress she deserves better then this. Shocked it got picked up for season two hope the writers do better then they have so far.
01/17/18 at 05:10am

Can't believe this is renewed. It's really boring. Maybe they'll spice it up a bit in season 2 by showing us more of Connie Britton's ta-tas.
01/09/18 at 11:17pm

I thoroughly enjoyed show.
01/06/18 at 06:17pm

An average setting with a horny, no-brakes rookie boy to spice up the air.
The baby in the pipes and home invasion stories were actually quite good. Just hope they focus more on interesting cases and less on the love and tears of the beautiful people.
01/04/18 at 03:38pm

Lame.....just plain.......Lame

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