Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Oct 26, 2018 - Oct 31, 2020






Sabrina - Kiernan ShipkaRosalind - Jaz SinclairMary - Michelle GomezAmbrose - Chance PerdomoHilda - Lucy DavisZelda - Miranda OttoFather Blackwood - Richard CoyleHarvey - Ross LynchPrudence - Tati Gabrielle

A drama based on the Archie Horror comic book series of the same name.

Sabrina Spellman wants to be a normal teenage girl, but she is also a half-witch, half-mortal who is just at the beginning her dark education as a sorceress.

Struggling to reconcile her dual nature, Sabrina stands against the evil forces that threaten her, her family, and the daylight world humans inhabit.

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07/10/20 at 01:08pm

Loved this show, til the end. Wish they wouldn't have ended it but it was getting boring towards the end of Season 3. Seems like they ran out of good things to right about....but still a good show.
07/10/20 at 08:42am

The first and second season were excellent, but third season was Ok, didnt like so much.. Sorry for what happened!!
Bernie Larsen
01/31/20 at 03:25pm

Well, just started the second season (as opposed to the second part of season one.) This show is so well done, it really is a stand-out! The cast is great, the storylines are great, and it definitely is much darker than one would have ever expected! And Keiran Shipka was perfect for the title role! It's not often you see someone cast in a lead role, and after one or two episodes, can't imagine anyone else playing the part, but she managed to pull that off. Hope this continues on for several seasons!
Mike d
12/27/18 at 03:29pm

Wonderful show, the cast is,superb, the stories are well written too. I loved the old series , but this one is perhaps better.
11/01/18 at 07:31am

Ive binge watched this and i was expecting it to be completely crapsville ...which is near Arizona for those who don't know ...however was i bloody wrong , i enjoyed every episode ,its very extremely dark and i will say brilliant looking forward to season two ...

Michelle Gomez was great and still acts like Missy (The Master) out of Doctor Who , but the cast are well picked and it looks like it will run for quite some seasons ... Greendale Rocks !!

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