God Friended Me

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Sep 30, 2018 - Apr 26, 2020




Drama / Comedy


Miles - Brandon Micheal HallCara - Violett BeaneArthur - Joe Morton

A dramedy following an atheist whose life changes after getting a friend request from God.

Miles Finer is a podcast host in New York who is outspoken about being an atheist. When he randomly receives a friend request from God on Facebook, it starts him down the path of becoming an agent of change in the lives and destinies of people around him.

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Jada Scott-Sanders
06/02/20 at 06:10pm

I wish if your going to cancel a show after two season the audience should get a chance to see a conclusion to the show.
05/05/20 at 02:17pm

The final episode ***SPOILER ALERT*** does not answer all the questions but gives an ending that I found satisfactory with enough left that I still wanted more.
05/02/20 at 06:01pm

I haven't watched Seasons 2 yet, was waiting to binge, but now not sure if I should even bother.

Does it end with cliff hanger or would I be OK with the ending.

Anyone has a thought I'd appreciate it!!
Dallas Conservative
04/26/20 at 09:26pm

Somehow I'm not surprised. Irritated as all hell yes, but not surprised. CBS and all of the other lamestream networks are more concerned with elevating every fringe element of society and those here illegally than advocating for anything to do with a God or higher power.

Another great show bites the dust because of idiot executives political bias.
04/24/20 at 01:22pm

Sorry to see it go. I figure it's the right time ...
04/19/20 at 12:58pm

@Keith : The show is unwatchable to you because you're an unadulterated strain of pure "idiot." There is no "line" that was crossed during this show's run except in your own imagination.
Look, when a show is successful you keep your trap shut because you cannot refute that show's success, when a show gets cancelled, that's when you decide to open up and let the world smell your foul breath. A coward only dies once.
04/14/20 at 11:41am

Said the show has been canceled. I mean it was obviously a complete rip off of Highway to Heaven from the 80s which I also thoroughly enjoyed but still sad to see it go.
02/06/20 at 02:52pm

We love this show! No worries of inappropriate content when grandkids around. Nice to watch something light-hearted and not blood and murder! Please do not cancel!!!
10/23/19 at 12:44pm

Not much middle ground here. Love it or hate it, it can please all. Love it, watch it. Don't love it, don't watch it ...
Just Keith
10/15/19 at 08:16am

Stopped watching this show after the latest episode.

Whether you believe in (any) God or not, He has a track record set way of doing things, and a known list of things that are acceptable and not acceptable. Berlanti crossed one of those things in the last episode, and has crossed others in the past. Therefore the show is now unwatchable.

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