Good Girls

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Feb 26, 2018 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Beth - Christina HendricksRuby - RettaAnnie - Mae WhitmanDean - Matthew LillardStan - Reno WilsonRio - Manny Montana

A dramedy following three mothers who turn to crime to make ends meet.

Beth, Ruby, and Annie are three suburban moms who have had enough of barely getting by and trying to make ends meet. Wanting to change their fortunes, they get the idea to rob a local grocery store together.

But when the store manager gets a look at one of them and the stolen loot ends up being more than they expected, the three friends soon realize that their perfect getaway may not work out after all.

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D. Mini
05/05/18 at 06:01pm

Excellent show,
They make stupid mistake just like the average person. But life drives you to do stupid things. I find myself rooting for them to succeed. Quirky an odd and I hope we get to see a second season
05/01/18 at 08:19am

AMAZING SHOW!! I just love the twists and turns and the actresses are spot on!!! Let's go Season 2
05/01/18 at 03:57am

This is such a different kind of show. Really enjoy it because it is not like other shows on TV and you never know what they are going to do next. Hope to see season 2.
04/30/18 at 12:36pm

Love this show and the fun mix of characters. It's like a female BREAKING BAD. Hope it is renewed!!
04/25/18 at 06:14am

I love this show great cast and good show makes me laugh. I hope it is renewed .
04/19/18 at 10:16am

Great show I hope it gets renewed puts me in the mind of Weeds all the trouble they get into but cleverly get out
04/14/18 at 02:16pm

I like the odd cast-- it works; they all compliment each other. I especially like the characters of Ruby and Rio. A group of suburban mothers mixed up in money laundering. So many things can happen with that story line. I will continue to watch this.
03/28/18 at 06:13pm

I love this show. A Very refreshing change to some of the other typically predictable shows out there.
03/14/18 at 07:05am

I think the casting is odd to but in a good way, I like the show, it's something different to watch. This women clearly don't know what there getting into which is what I like about it. I hate watching shows with the same formula.
David Wood
03/05/18 at 06:07pm

Not a fan of terminally stupid characters.
Why bother wearing a ski mask during the robbery if you go around flashing your body tattoos? Why go nuts spending after a big heist?
I stopped watching when the extortionist store manager showed his greedy fangs. More headaches than laughs coming.

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