Happy Together

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Oct 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018






Jake - Damon Wayans Jr.Claire - Amber Stevens WestCooper - Felix MallardBonnie - Stephnie WeirWayne - Chris Parnell

A comedy following whose lives are upended when a rising celebrity shows up on their doorstep.

Jake and Claire are a thirty-something couple who have grown tired of their uneventful lives. When Jake's famous pop star accounting client shows up at their door to escape the paparazzi, it turns their lives upside down.

With a cool, young celebrity now staying with them, Jake and Claire start to reconnect with their old selves - back when things were more exciting and less routine - with varying results.

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01/30/19 at 05:00am

I think "The Neighborhood" is a remake of "All in the Family". CBS keeps trash shows and reality shows (which suck) and cancel good shows like Code Black and Criminal Minds. Shame on you CBS...not everyone that watches your channel is in the 20-40 age bracket.
01/29/19 at 09:30pm

CBS continues to fail in recognizing the show's potential. By the last 4 episodes the kinks were worked out and the in-laws were a hoot
Robert Colontonio
01/23/19 at 11:27am

This show was actually funny. It was nice to see a show with black people that wasn't all about race,just comedy unlike The Neighborhood which is just constant white bashing.
01/21/19 at 04:26pm

Damon Wayans Jr. is the best part of this show. He needs his own show.
01/17/19 at 11:24pm

Surprised cbs gAve up on this show. I would like to see DW Jr take his dad's role in Lethal Weapon with Sean Williams Scott. I think they would make a cool buddy cop combo!!!
01/17/19 at 09:15pm

Love this show! We laugh with evey episode. So sad to see it go :(
01/15/19 at 04:39pm

Hate to see cancellation of this laugh out loud sitcom that has no need for toilet or sick humor. Scripts are good, acting and jokes are great. This is a classic example of a show that should be allowed more time to grow and find its audience as it is a quality effort.
Norm Beria
01/07/19 at 07:51pm

You folks don't know comedy. This is a very funny show. Why don't you leave it alone. Love the banter with the in-laws (Stephanie Weir and Victor Williams) and the Rocker (Felix Mallard). The ensemble is great, Damon Wayans Jr and Amber West are very good together. Please give this show another shot.
01/02/19 at 03:54pm

Hate this shiw will be canceled another good program gone u guys need 2 get it 2gether
11/28/18 at 01:22pm

Cancelled today:


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