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Jul 10, 2018 - Present


Paramount Network




Veronica - Grace Victoria CoxJ.D. - James ScullyHeather C - Melanie FieldHeather D - Brendan ScannellHeather M - Jasmine MatthewsBetty - Nikki SooHoo

A modern-day re-imagining of the cult classic 1988 film.

Veronica Sawyer is a "good girl" who is dealing with a vicious, yet very different, clique of "Heathers".

The group is led by Heather Chandler, who rules Westerburg High School through fear, intimidation and her amazing sense of style.

Heather Duke is her sidekick, using the group's power to take down anybody he pleases.

While Heather McNamara is known as the nicest one in their group, though she lives in the shadow of the others.

Set in the present day, this black comedy anthology blends love and rivalry with comedy and drama.

Comments (3)

05/11/18 at 07:20pm

Has this aired and been cancelled yet?
03/31/18 at 07:07pm

I don't know why studio executives don't fire anyone that says "re-imagining" or "reboot." The lack of creativity in the entertainment industry is repellent.
01/18/18 at 12:17pm

What's next? Breakfast Club show

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