Life Sentence

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Mar 07, 2018 - Present


The CW


Drama / Comedy


Stella - Lucy HaleWes - Elliot KnightPaul - Dylan WalshIda - Gillian VigmanAiden - Jayson BlairElizabeth - Brooke LyonsDarrius - Carlos PenaVegaWill - Riley Smith

A dramedy following a girl whose terminal cancer is unexpectedly cured.

Stella is a young woman who, after being diagnosed with cancer eight years ago, has spent all her time living like she was dying. During that time she traveled the world, confronted her worst fears, and even found love.

When Stella learns that her cancer has been cured, she must now face the consequences of the decisions she made while living in the moment, including her marriage to a complete stranger. To make matters worse, Stella also finds out that her seemingly-perfect family hid all their problems from her when they thought she was dying.

Her parents have fallen out of love, her mom has fallen in love with her best friend, and her aging brother sells drugs. Also, Stella might be responsible for her sister giving up her dreams. Then there's her husband, a British man she barely knows.

With the rest of her life suddenly in front of her, Stella now has a real future to think about.

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