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May 30, 2018 - Aug 08, 2018






Mara - Sarah ShahiCharlie - Dennis HaysbertMonica - Kathryn MorrisPaul - Sendhil RamamurthyAlexis - Jessica Lu

A drama following a former hostage negotiator who saves people lost in a virtual reality program.

Mara Kint is a former hostage negotiator and human behavior expert who left her career behind to work as a college professor after dealing with a horrible personal tragedy.

But when she takes a new role saving people who have lost themselves in a high-tech virtual reality simulation which allows them to live their dreams, Mara finds that saving others gives her a new way to save herself.

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11/24/18 at 01:18pm

No loss here. Premise was too far-fetched and the "finale" was simply not credible.
Bernie Larsen
09/15/18 at 05:34pm

Still no word on a Season 2?!? C'mon NBC... surely you don't have to leave us all wondering? Just renew it, already!!! Don't pull a "Timeless" on us...
09/11/18 at 08:53pm

Really interesting show...hope we see more of it.
09/05/18 at 08:26pm

We just finished binging this shoe. We both loved it and want to see a Season 2.

It was so nice to see Sarah Shahi in a role not as dark as that on Person of Interest.
Hillis E Waddell Jr
08/13/18 at 02:48pm

We've truly enjoyed the show & very much hope to see a second season.
Doria Whitlatch
08/12/18 at 09:50am

Love this show. Please renew it. Don't cancel a good show.
08/09/18 at 05:53pm

The show Reverie is definitely worth renewing. It features good actors, interesting plots and good dialog.
08/09/18 at 00:40am

To the men leaving derogatory comments about Sarah Shahi-
1. Grow Up!
2. Did your parents not teach you how to behave? You can talk like that in private but it is very inappropriate to post these comments on a social media platform (and, no, I am not a prude)
3. Why are you even on this site if you think the show is boring? Why don’t you go visit a porn site, it seems like it would be more to your taste and class.
08/08/18 at 09:28pm

The show is worth renewing she was great in person of interest shes got a great ........ personalty
David Wood
07/28/18 at 05:41pm

I've been waiting for a deal-breaker bad episode that would cause me to stop watching, but so far every episode has had something to hold my interest.
At first, I was expecting her to just jump in there every show to drag someone out, kicking and screaming, but there seems to be more than that.

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