The Cool Kids

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Sep 28, 2018 - May 10, 2019






Hank - David Alan GrierCharlie - Martin MullSid - Leslie JordanMargaret - Vicki Lawrence

A comedy following the hijinks of three retirement community friends.

Hank, Charlie, and Sid are a rag-tag trio of friends living in a retirement community. And because of their advanced age, they are willing to break any and every rule to have a bit of fun.

The leader of the group is Hank, a rough and opinionated fellow who loves to have a good time. His friend Charlie is a bumbling storyteller known to go off on tangents about some hard-to-believe episode from his past. And Sid is a pill-popping hypochondriac who tries to distance himself from his pals' schemes, but still gets roped in.

Uniting them is their shared belief that they're not done yet, and together they're going to make the third act of their lives the craziest one yet.

Comments (30)

07/23/19 at 11:00am

I hope that TVLAND pick this great show.
06/02/19 at 06:55am

Here's hoping another network picks this great show up - come on Netflix!!!
05/22/19 at 11:27am

I cant believe you guys ??? you guys really suck at fox, you guys need to rebrand and call yourself the cartoon network ... oh no that name is already taken
05/17/19 at 11:32pm

Cancelled?!? This was my favorite show! It made me laugh out loud every episode and the cast is perfect. They are so likeable and play off of each other so well. I am totally shocked.
05/11/19 at 09:48am

I found this out the day before this site told you and announced it was cancelled ... But gonna repeat a comment i made ... Two points one i am so glad for rabg cause most shows that come from America never reach internationally second i don't get these execs even if a show does well it gets canned i ask you is there any need for tv shows or actors cause any good show is cancelled and ones with a good following... Unbelievable!!
05/11/19 at 06:59am

I cannot believe this is cancelled. First show I watched regularly in a long time. All my friends of all ages watch this also. Sure, keep the reality garbage and cancel something which brings laughs every week. I'm streaming more shows and watching less FOX with their poor choices.
Michael Dalton
05/10/19 at 07:13pm

Very disappointing but not a surprise. FOX only likes cheap reality shows.
05/10/19 at 02:55pm

On wiki page confirmed

On May 10, 2019, The Cool Kids was canceled by Fox after one season.

thanks fox for nothing !!
05/10/19 at 02:52pm

According to tv guide online its cancelled ...i am pissed ...right off
Donna Garvey
04/27/19 at 09:01am

The Cool Kids is one of the best comedy shows in YEARS! It fits so well, following Last Man Standing - Fox, PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW! The Cool Kids - they are awesome, & they deserve a 2nd season!! <3

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