The Crossing

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Apr 02, 2018 - Jul 02, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi


Jude - Steve ZahnReece - Natalie MartinezEmma - Sandrine HoltSophie - Georgina HaigMarshall - Tommy BastowPaul - Rob CampbellNestor - Rick GomezCaleb - Marcuis W. HarrisRoy - Grant HarveyCraig - Jay KarnesRebecca - Simone KessellHannah - Kelley MissalBryce - Luc RoderiqueLeah - Bailey Skodje

A sci-fi drama following a group of refugees from the future who seek asylum in a small town.

In Port Canaan, Oregon, Jude Ellis has just become Sheriff after relocating to the small fishing town to leave the big city behind. But his plans of a quiet life are disrupted when 47 refugees from a war-torn country wash up on his beach seeking asylum. The thing is, they're actually from America and the war they're running from is 180 years in the future.

As the Department of Homeland Security seeks to make sense of the mysterious migration, Jude launches his own investigation with the help of his loyal Sheriff's Deputy. It also becomes clear that some of the Feds seem to know more about what's happening than they are letting on.

One thing becomes certain as the mystery deepens, and it is that both the townspeople's lives, and the lives of the newcomers, will never be the same.

Comments (8)

05/16/18 at 09:51am

This is really too bad. Very neat idea. Watching offbeat shows is really getting risky.
05/16/18 at 09:41am

Please bring this show back. It is very good. Why does Abc always cancel the good ones and keep the stupid ones.
Deborah Brown
05/15/18 at 04:59pm

Another good show cancelled.
05/12/18 at 02:25pm

Another great show canceled! Why?
05/11/18 at 09:41pm

Why even bother making sci fi shows anymore, they all get cancelled, this one didn't even get time to develop and I enjoyed watching every week. Why do networks give up so fast?
05/07/18 at 08:39am

David Wood
04/05/18 at 06:32pm

Very good pilot. Weird, intriguing setting.
Quite a few past shows with mysterious premises that started out well, then lost steam (and viewers) when they dragged out the mystery too long without some revelations to satisfy the audience.
Hope this one can buck that trend. It seems to have a decent cast.
01/18/18 at 12:26pm

Zahn will pull it off. Rest of cast?

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