The Terror

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Mar 26, 2018 - Present






Francis - Jared HarrisJohn - Ciaran HindsJames - Tobias MenziesHenry - Paul ReadyCornelius - Adam NagaitisLady Silence - Nive NielsenThomas - Ian Hart

A drama based on Dan Simmons' best-selling novel of the same name.

Set in the mid-1800s, this suspense drama follows the perilous voyage of the British Royal Navy as they make their way into uncharted territory in an attempt to discover the Northwest Passage.

With limited resources and hope fading, the isolated crew is pushed to their limits as they struggle to survive the treacherous conditions of the elements as well as their own fear of the unknown.

Inspired by a true story.

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03/26/18 at 09:52pm

New Show ... New Addition to the Gay Agenda. Can Hollywood even make a show today that does not force fed Gay on the public?

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