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Oct 06, 2019 - Present


The CW


Drama / Action


Batwoman - Javicia LeslieSophie - Meagan TandyLuke - Camrus JohnsonMary - Nicole KangAlice - Rachel SkarstenJacob - Dougray ScottCatherine - Elizabeth AnweisKate - Ruby Rose

A superhero drama following the titular crime fighter and her alter ego Kate Kane.

In the years since Batman mysteriously disappeared from Gotham, the city has fallen into despair, left guarded only by the private security provided by Jacob Kane.

When the Alice in Wonderland gang targets the operation, Jacob's daughter Kate returns home to help her city, becoming the dark knight vigilante known as Batwoman.

With help from her stepsister Mary and the crafty Luke Fox, Kate Kane fights for social justice while honoring the legacy of her cousin Bruce Wayne.

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11/16/19 at 01:31am

The writers and executives of the Batwoman series just can't seem to understand that by aiming this show at the LGBTQ - SJW - Identity Political by manipulating important key traits of the comic book characters you are portraying in this new series to needs of a social identity agenda you are doing a disservice to both the comic book fans as well as the community you are trying to aim this show in the first place. And I really don't want to lay any any blame the LGBTQ community because they know crap when they see it like most people who just want a good story that sticks to the source material. The people that scream out loud for representation and how important it is on all the social networks like twitter are too busy being a "social justice warrior" then tune into these shows since Batwoman's is loosing thousands of viewers every new episode. A lot of my gay friends talk about how dull in the story-lines the show is and how it's not doing the gay community any real justice. I asked why and they said what pisses us the LGBTQ audience off is that this is straight Hollywood trying to represent queer life and what they think we'd like to the actual gay community. It's insulting. We (and all comic book fans gay or straight) just want something that sticks with the narrative of the comics.
11/03/19 at 08:34am

I watch all of the CW, DC stream, and Marvel TV shows. I really don't see this one making it. But this is the CW so who knows. Legends is still on so. I'm not looking forward to the new Arrow and the Canaries or the Superman Lois. They should stop that train wreck now before it moves forward. I'll put my money on the Canaries show not working.
10/28/19 at 07:31pm

I like the show, still trying to wrap my head around her being gay? I get it, just wish it wasn’t shoved in my face!
10/23/19 at 07:15pm

I am loving it. Interesting esp the Alice side of it
David Wood
10/21/19 at 02:51pm

That Alice character (a Joker wannabe) is gaggingly boring. To have her as a long term main villain: arrgh !
I have no objections to a gay Batwoman but her manly, shapeless, wardrobe is not encouraging. It's surprising her Bat costume is femininely shapely (except for the big head).
Yeah, yeah, I'm not just commenting on her looks. I agree the rest of the show is weak.
Couch Potato
10/10/19 at 04:49pm

I truly understand and respect trying to have strong women as role models ie. Super girl and Wonder Woman. But this one is not going to make it (opinion not fact). Bat Woman is already an ify character to connect with. The weak writing and storytelling is not doing this show any justice. I personally feel Cat Woman is a more enduring and fun character to explore. She has a fun yet bad side, and quiet as it's kept she's actually done good deeds when dealing with Bat Man.
10/10/19 at 12:35pm

Written by woman for women and it shows. Dialog is poorly written, action looks incompetent, men in the show act like wimps and the worst part is it about gays. Because it is about gay women it will last at least two seasons no mater how bad the ratings will be! TV is dead. Should have called it "Batdouche"!
10/07/19 at 04:12pm

I knew this was going to be dicey when the title was Batwoman and not Batgirl. Yep, the lead is LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ or whatever. There was no basis for this in any comic book. Cancel Now!

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