Deadly Class

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Jan 16, 2019 - Present




Drama / Action


Master Lin - Benedict WongMarcus - Benjamin WadsworthSaya - Lana CondorBilly - Liam JamesWillie - Luke TennieMaria - Maria Gabriela de FariaChico - Michel Duval

A drama following a teenager who is recruited into a school for assassins.

Marcus is a disillusioned teenager living on the streets who gets recruited into King's Dominion, a reputed private school for the next generation of assassins.

While there, he comes of age while navigating a taxing class schedule and savage cliques, which tests his ability to maintain his moral code.

Based on Rick Remender's hit comic series of the same name.

Comments (5)

Mike dobey
04/03/19 at 08:15pm

IF you enjoy 1980's b movie action horror shows, then you will enjoy this show.
02/11/19 at 01:19pm

Is it bad that I am watching the show just for the soundtrack?!?
01/25/19 at 11:13am

So, so bad... jettisoned!
01/18/19 at 04:44am

I made it through 15 mins and changed the channel. I hit the DVR so I can watch it later so I can give the show a chance.
Steve S.
01/16/19 at 03:53am

Based on a comic series but with scary Henry Rollins recurring. Plot sounds like another nott sci-fi dud. It’s a coming-of-age deemed too good for mtv/vh1.

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