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A drama following a police chief who investigates the case of a young child found near a mysterious accident site.

Jo Evans is a recently-divorced police chief who takes in a mysterious young girl she finds near the site of a mysterious accident.

With the child having no memory of what happened to her, the resulting investigation draws Jo into a conspiracy that runs deeper than she could have imagined.

Jo is now determined to protect the child from those who want her, realizing that her true identity could be the key to everything.

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11/29/19 at 12:47pm

Like Ivan said.... ABC stands for Always Being Cancelled. However this one i feel is so bad and won’t miss it. I wasn’t even going to start watching it because it’s on ABC but now that I am I’m really not enjoying it. Even Terry O’Quinn can’t make this mess with mostly horrible acting good.
Gloria Morgan
11/08/19 at 06:58pm

I really like this show and hope it doesn't get canceled like so many others. The storyline intrigues me so l'm afraid it will. It seems like the ones I like get canceled.
10/29/19 at 08:32pm

It's on ABC so it'll get cancelled. I've lost all hope for this network. Too bad because it's an interesting show.
Couch Potato
10/11/19 at 05:59pm

I enjoyed the first few episodes, but I don't know how this particular genre/style of show last over a few seasons. Unless each season plays out to be a stand alone storyline. Worth watching even if it's only for a season (I'm not wishing that upon this show).
10/02/19 at 06:43am

Agree with Bernard. I tend to get bored quickly if left in the dark too long, and I'm probably not the only once, hence the single season phenomena among shows like this. Or worse, it could become another Lost, that loses us by the third season with its nonsense. So hoping this is not the case with Emergence. I really do like the characters.
09/26/19 at 11:57am

I really enjoyed the 1st episode.
09/24/19 at 05:18am

Another one of these shows about some strange person or phenomena that can’t be explained. Usually they last for only one season so let’s see how this one does.

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