Grand Hotel

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Jun 17, 2019 - Present






Santiago - Demian BichirGigi - Roselyn SanchezAlicia - Denyse TontzJavi - Bryan CraigHelen - Wendy Raquel RobinsonDanny - Lincoln YounesMateo - Shalim OrtizIngrid - Anne WintersJason - Chris Warren

A drama set at the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach.

Santiago Mendoza is the charismatic owner of the Riviera Grand Hotel in Miami Beach. The five-star establishment has allowed his glamorous second wife and their adult children of enjoy a life of luxury.

But as wealthy and beautiful guests come and go from the picture perfect hotel, growing debt, sordid scandals, and shocking secrets keep the owners and staff plenty busy behind the scenes.

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Steve S.
06/18/19 at 10:15pm

I’m watching first episode, with light attention, because it seems like what a soap opera is to me - but never having seriously watched a soap opera, this is how I see them - not my thing - no good to me - somehow some people like them - impossible for me to judge how it does. 1 star by me.
06/17/19 at 09:51am

wow ... a show about hotels and no Indians?????
Steve S.
06/17/19 at 04:18am

Luxurious cheap ripoff of Fawlty Towers. Actually a ripoff of Spanish (Spain) TV series Gran Hotel. Let’s hope ABC does it justice. What could possibly go wrong?

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