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Drama / Horror

A supernatural horror series based on Joe Hill's novel of the same name.

Charlie Manx is a seductive immortal who feeds off the souls of children before depositing what's left of them into a twisted, icy village of his imagination called Christmasland, where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law.

But his whole world is suddenly threatened when a young New England woman discovers she has a dangerous supernatural ability - and realizes she is the only one with the power to stop him.

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Dave B
07/15/19 at 11:43am

Seems to be getting a little more interesting now. Still expect to see this on the cancelled list though.
07/09/19 at 09:19pm

So much hate on this show. Granted you DO NEED TO PAY ATTENTION to the plot -- but it is a great one! It is different from everything else, and not the same old boring story lines and recycled garbage. Great acting, too! I hope this goes for a while. I do agree some of the abuse and one sex scene (library) could have been eliminated -- it is still a very great show. Give this a chance. I am up to E 6, and cannot wait for the next 4!! Maybe one of the best drama / sci-fi shows since Grimm?
06/16/19 at 01:47am

I had all the episodes.. started binging.... by the end of episode 2 I was doing other things while it played.... by episode 5 I wasn't even paying attention... I couldn't tell you what happening in episode 6.... halfway through episode 7 I turned it off.. and left it at that. This was a HORRIBLE melodrama that they tried to pass off as a "thriller" or even "horror".Every episode was simply abundant with teen angst.. and that's all there really was.
Couch Potato
06/10/19 at 04:30am

This show is a HOT MESS! Story is all over the place. If you're having trouble with going to sleep, watch 2 episodes and call me in the morning.
karolyne smith
06/06/19 at 05:07pm

If you watch it to the END of the First ep You'll see Spock.
Thats right the one driving the car is the one and only Spock
06/06/19 at 10:08am

Not quite halfway thru first episode but it looks very low budget and is already slow and boring. Totally unacceptable for the initial "grabber" episode of a horror show.
Steve S.
06/03/19 at 00:26am

Jim - there may be hope for you
06/02/19 at 04:55pm

Gaak! I agree with Steve S., I wouldn't watch this on a bet. I got as far as "seductive immortal" before losing all interest. If the scripts are as bad as the eye-rolling title, I expect to see it in the "cancelled" area of this site soon.
Steve S.
06/02/19 at 05:18am

Wayward Christmas Pines. You couldn’t make me watch this.

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