The Enemy Within

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Feb 25, 2019 - May 20, 2019






Erica - Jennifer CarpenterWill - Morris ChestnutAli - Raza JaffreyJaqueline - Cassandra FreemanKate - Kelli GarnerJason - Noah Mills

A thriller following an infamous US traitor enlisted to help thwart dangerous acts threatening the country.

Erica Shepherd is a brilliant former CIA operative who became known as the most notorious traitor in American history after betraying her country.

While serving a life sentence in a Supermax prison, Erica is contacted by FBI Agent Will Keaton, who has reluctantly turned to her for help in tracking down a dangerous criminal.

While Erica and Will have different motivations for bringing the enemy to justice, they both know that to catch a spy, they need to think like one.

Comments (17)

03/28/19 at 07:23pm

I liked it better when it was The Blacklist
David Wood
03/20/19 at 07:09pm

Not bad, especially with her super power as genius analyst.
Though Jennifer C. looks death camp emaciated. She could stand to load a few more bricks into her cargo.
The look suits her character's status as discarded garbage.
Jay S
03/07/19 at 01:29pm

It does have strong parallel to Blacklist...
Steve S.
03/02/19 at 08:00pm

First episode revealed a shaky production. The main characters are all good, but some acting bits were bad. Mostly, the writing came off badly in several places. Better stuff gets cancelled quickly. I’ll watch for now for the action.
Steve S.
02/25/19 at 09:38pm

I’ll try an episode. I know Jennifer Carpenter from the Limitless tv series. She was rather mild until she got turned on to NZT while working for the FBI. She must have powered her way to the CIA before the dope went bad.
02/25/19 at 09:08pm

Tremendous first episode.
02/25/19 at 09:25am

This sounds very much like "The Blacklist" to me, with just a slightly different twist

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