The Passage

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Jan 14, 2019 - Mar 11, 2019





A thriller based on Justin Cronin's best-selling fantasy book trilogy.

Project Noah is a top secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure of all diseases, but also holds the potential to eradicate the entire human race.

Amy Bellafonte is 10-year-old girl whose mother recently passed away. After she is selected as a test subject for Project Noah, the federal agent tasked with bringing her in ends up becoming her surrogate father, and will protect her at any cost – even as Project Noah's progression threatens to unleash a terrible apocalypse.

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07/18/19 at 12:17pm

I liked show. so sad. well back to cable
06/28/19 at 09:00pm

The public won't buy in to new shows because they don't last. Shows don't last because people dont buy in. Vicious cycle. The networks are dying because no one trusts a show will stick around. We wait to see if it lasts and then binge watch on Netflix or Hulu.
06/21/19 at 01:29pm

You Suck FOX, bring us a season 2.
06/04/19 at 05:51pm

Why are they only giving shows 1 season? 2 months max? Yet they are on season 150 of the Bachelor and Bachelorette? And teen mom, let's continue to encourage teen girls to have babies because mtv makes it look easy. Stop with the mindless reality shows. Not everyone wants shows about nothing. Some people actually like shows that make you thinK and use your brain.
05/23/19 at 12:20pm

They always cancel great new shows. Loved the actors and the story. Boooo for cancelling
05/10/19 at 07:07pm

So glad I resisted watching this. FOX always cancels sci-fi or thrillers. Firefly, John Doe the list goes on...
05/10/19 at 05:00pm

Going to be canceled. Dang!
05/10/19 at 01:09pm

So mad..Just read that it was cancelled...Syfy needs to pick it up or even Netflix..
04/23/19 at 05:59pm

What's wrong with the story writers, do all tv shows have to be gore and blood and vampire-like creatures? This is another " the walking dead" Nothing original anymore, I liked the series till the end... then I thought oooo nooooo another one. Can't you make normal shows anymore like 24 or designated survivor or shooter. This is becoming boring. you can't turn on the tv or it's a vampire movie. Sick of it. pity it ended this way. not interested anymore.
04/08/19 at 12:29pm

Just binged the whole first season. Most of it was binge-worthy, but the ending was a big letdown. Ultimately it devolves into yet another vampire apocalypse. It seems odd to say that this has become its own genre, but it's true. Unfortunately it wasn't a very original example of this genre.

Given the last five minutes, it's hard to see how a second season will continue on without a major change in tone and style.

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