The Village

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Mar 19, 2019 - May 21, 2019






Edda - Moran AtiasSarah - Michaela McManusBen - Jerod HaynesKatie - Grace Van DienNick - Warren ChristieGabe - Daren KagasoffRon - Frankie FaisonPatricia - Lorraine ToussaintEnzo - Dominic Chianese

A drama following the residents of a Brooklyn apartment building.

A unique apartment building in Brooklyn is home to people who have built a bonded family of friends and neighbors.

Among its residents are a nurse and single mother, a law student who has an unexpected roommate, an undocumented immigrant, and a veteran who has just returned from war. The heart and soul of the building are Ron and Patricia, who have many captivating tales to tell.

While they would not know each other if not for a shared residence, these people from disparate backgrounds have made their own family with the community around them, while facing their own challenges.

Comments (20)

07/10/19 at 12:09pm

I am so tired of good shows getting canceled .... this was an awesome show.... i really liked the characters
07/08/19 at 05:50pm

This show was so good. Everything good gets cancelled. Why even try to watch anything anymore. Ridiculous.
06/25/19 at 12:43pm

Why?!?! This was is a great show. Very real and you get connected to the characters and the story lines. Everything that is good gets cancelled and stupid, waste of time shows stay.
06/23/19 at 04:08am

LOVE THIS SHOW!! Why on earth would they cancel such a great drama????? This makes no sense!!! Very unhappy!!!!
Jean Carlin
06/20/19 at 08:01am

I love this show, why on earth would you cancel it, it was one of my favorites but yet you keep the same crap n year after year
06/19/19 at 05:56pm

Why? Way to give it a chance NBC. This was a great show, great cast and fun to watch. Hopefully NETFLIX will pick it up.
06/17/19 at 08:43am

Ridiculous!!! This was one of the best shows on TV!!!
Kelli Deaton
06/12/19 at 09:16am

I cannot believe that NBC cancelled the show. It was a great show, along the same lines of This is Us. It was about real life and how people are involved with each other. Very poor choice NBC, very poor.
06/07/19 at 03:54am

I hope someone picks this up! Is there a petition out there?
06/05/19 at 09:39am

I can NOT believe you are canceling THE VILLAGE ! OMG ! it has to be one of the most moving and feeling everyday type of people living their lives. NORMAL people . I have sat GLUED to the screen (LIVE) with each and every episode and I am VERY upset that it is being canceled ! DO RECONSIDER >

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