Whiskey Cavalier

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Feb 27, 2019 - May 22, 2019




Drama / Comedy


Will - Scott FoleyFrankie - Lauren CohanSusan - Ana OrtizEdgar - Tyler James WilliamsRay - Josh Hopkins

A dramedy following an FBI agent and CIA agent who lead a specialized team in high-stakes missions.

Will Chase is a tough but tender FBI agent who gets assigned to work with edgy CIA operative Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge. Together they lead an inter-agency team of spies tackling high-stakes missions, while navigating ups and downs in their personal lives.

Comments (29)

Stefano Malfara
05/25/19 at 10:48am

The worse part was knowing the show was canceled, they decided to end the show on a negative cliffhanger instead of allowing the cast have happy endings. The didn't have to end the show that way. Just shows they truly don't care about the viewers.
Tony P
05/25/19 at 05:26am

My wife and I really like this show. I'm very sorry they decided to cancel it after only one season. Hope they give it another chance.
Bruce Mica
05/23/19 at 10:55pm

Heard that they may order another season
My 2 Cents
05/22/19 at 09:19am

This is why I don't watch new shows on ABC. They cancel shows without even giving them a chance.
05/18/19 at 09:34am

Another show that I like canceled. Networks no longer give shows a chance. Sad.
05/17/19 at 03:27pm

This was a good little show a lot of potential... let show have a little time to develop before they get the ax...
05/17/19 at 01:40pm

once again you cancel a show that I really liked. I don't know why I even bother to get involved in a show just so you can leave me wanting more.Maybe I will just start watching movies so I won't be so disappointed when they are over. Why not do the fans a favor and renew it. Do something nice for a change.
05/15/19 at 03:53pm

I liked this show, the premise, the stories, the cast, and generally looked forward to the next episode; and so it goes:(
05/12/19 at 02:14pm

Just got Cancelled Smh.
Michael Choate
04/26/19 at 11:26pm

RENEW THIS SHOW. I'm a great fan of M:I and love the updated format. The fact that they are trying to be a 'family' is so inspiring. We need shows like this that show how to overcome obstacles and still be together. Please Renew Whiskey Cavalier.

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