Whiskey Cavalier

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Feb 27, 2019 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Will - Scott FoleyFrankie - Lauren CohanSusan - Ana OrtizEdgar - Tyler James WilliamsRay - Josh Hopkins

A dramedy following an FBI agent and CIA agent who lead a specialized team in high-stakes missions.

Will Chase is a tough but tender FBI agent who gets assigned to work with edgy CIA operative Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge. Together they lead an inter-agency team of spies tackling high-stakes missions, while navigating ups and downs in their personal lives.

Comments (8)

Bernie Larsen
03/21/19 at 12:18pm

Really enjoy this show so far! The cast is great, and so are the characters. And really enjoy the exotic locales! Hope it keeps going!
03/21/19 at 07:43am

"Chuck" did it much better.
Can't see this lasting out the Season.
03/15/19 at 06:05pm

Really enjoying this show. Not sure the cause for the negative comments here, probably due to losing Cohan to this show.
03/14/19 at 08:24am

Hope this show last and if not then maybe Netflix will pick it up. I love the show. We need something new on TV and I believe this fits for me. Fingers crossed!
frank discussion
03/06/19 at 06:04pm

Wow, this show sucks so bad. I had hoped it would be fairly decent, given Lauren Cohan is a starring actor (she wouldn't sign on to star in a turd of a show right?), but boy was I wrong!
03/03/19 at 01:01pm

I can't believe Lauren Cohan left one of the best shows on tv ( The Walking Dead ) for this drivel.
02/27/19 at 02:50pm

Studies have shown that movies, tv shows and books with 'Whiskey' in the title are doomed for disastrous failure.
02/27/19 at 01:22pm

This was kinda boring. I just dont see any thing coming from this show. Its a shame, I was hoping Cohan's first project away from that awful walking dead disaster was going to be a redemption of her, but this is just a terrible script.

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