Council of Dads

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Mar 24, 2020 - Jul 02, 2020






Robin - Sarah Wayne CalliesAnthony - Clive StandenLarry - Michael O'NeillEvan - Steven SilverTheo - Emjay Anthony

A drama following a possibly-dying man who recruits his friends to help look after his family.

Scott is father of four whose life is turned upside down after an unexpected health scare. Concerned for his family's well-being in the case of his absence, he recruits some of his closest friends to step in as back-up dads to help guide his kids through every stage of their lives.

Scott's three friends step up to honor his request, each in their own unique way, to support his family through all the good times and bad, in case he can't be there to do it himself.

Comments (10)
07/05/20 at 05:31pm

Why is it that NBC and CBS are always canceling shows it seems that don't give any shows like this one a chance.
07/02/20 at 10:03pm

Excellent show! Well written, characters have the chemistry my wife and I enjoy. Hard to find on television these days. Really hope someone picks this up for future seasons!!! We’ll look for it!
06/27/20 at 08:43pm

WHAT??? NO! I love this show! Why??? What was wrong with this scripted show? So tired of crappy reality tv on these networks! No wonder we all flock to Netflix, Hulu and the like! Ridiculous.
06/25/20 at 08:03pm

Sad that this good family friendly show has been renewed for a second season. My family and I enjoyed watching each week. Oh well that’s the world we live in where networks rather invest in reality tv, talents show, and game shows. IJS
Cheryl A Macera
06/12/20 at 08:14pm

I am really enjoying this show - I hope it returns!! I don't really care that people are comparing it to A Million Little things or This is us - both of those shows are awesome too. I am just happy to be watching more interesting family dramas and less game shows!
04/19/20 at 04:50pm

Vanacoochie you have come to the wrong site for a sausage fest. You may want to try pornhub.
Bill Bixby
04/16/20 at 10:20pm

It’s funny that A million little things is a rip off of NBC’s This is Us and became successful in its own right so now NBC is ripping off ABC’s ripoff of their show. It’s like a band ripping off Oasis...
04/01/20 at 04:42pm

This is a good show, I really enjoyed it. Hope that is gets picked up
Steve S.
03/24/20 at 04:10am

Might record since i like Sarah Wayne Callies (why a male middle name?). And because there is nothing else going except news and hand washing. But really, this does not look promising, more the contrary.

Now @Vannooooochie says it once was going to be called sausage fest. I think he made this up, appears to be pure nonsense but that could describe the filming process for it. It’s based on a book with the title name and there was also a short tv version made in like 2011, although sounds crazy too but it’s on imdb.
01/29/20 at 11:08pm

The original name for this show was called sausage fest

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