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Jan 02, 2020 - Mar 26, 2020




Drama / Crime


Bill - Stephen DorffCade - Brian Van HoltBrianna - Bex Taylor-KlausJoseph - Shane Paul McGhiePaula - Yara Martinez

A drama following a justice-seeking lawman who becomes the Sheriff of LA County.

When the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department loses its elected Sheriff, a old rule in the county charter thrusts the unwitting Bill Hollister, a fifth-generation lawman who loves seeing justice served, into the job.

While not exactly the job he wanted due to the politics involved, Bill soon learns that following his instincts to pursue justice at all costs is only skill required to get the job done.

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Private Detective
06/16/20 at 08:46am

Another great show cancelled! All the crap shows get renewed.
Malinda Perrotta
05/26/20 at 10:30am

Finally, my husband and I agreed on something. We even changed our date nights so we could watch the Deputy together.
Gonna miss it. Reallly hope another network picks it up. TV is turning into too much reality and game shows. And another one bites he dust. MJ and T
Elena Garcia
05/21/20 at 07:50pm

Ridiculous! Another great show bites the dust.. I'm afraid to watch anything anymore..
Sharon Clore
05/17/20 at 06:50pm

I really liked this show.
05/15/20 at 12:55pm

Correction- the show to which I was referring is All Rise. Still a piece of crap.
05/15/20 at 12:50pm

Well at least there is on less show on the air that was trying to cram social justice down our throats. Literally watched the first five minutes of episode one and turned it off! Now if they would cancel Stand; with a judge that literally writes law from her bench, that would really be progress! No wonder people don't understand the justice system anymore; judges are supposed to rule on the law, not write it!
big kahuna
05/07/20 at 10:20pm

Now I see they also cancelled Tommy. What is wrong with people. These are good shows. Stop watching that reality crap and watch things that deserve to be on.
05/07/20 at 11:23am

Show with garbage too much Social Justice warrior the only character I cared about was his assistant who I think was the best character out of all of them
Stafford Spencerjr
04/28/20 at 03:11pm

Every Thursday I couldn't wait till 9 p.m. because I wanted to watch this show Deputy because it very entertaining. Are they going to try to find a new network to put Deputy on I hope so because that shows how a real police officer should be
04/27/20 at 01:07pm

NOOOOO! This show was one I looked forward to every week! Stupid Fox! Please someone save it!

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