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Mar 05, 2020 - Apr 16, 2020






Lily - Sonoya MizunoForest - Nick OffermanJamie - Jin HaKenton - Zach GrenierStewart - Stephen McKinley HendersonLyndon - Cailee SpaenyKatie - Alison Pill

A drama following a computer engineer who believes a secret division of her company is behind her boyfriend's disappearance.

Lily Chan is a software engineer in Silicon Valley who investigates the secret development division of her cutting-edge tech employer, which she believes to be responsible for the murder of her boyfriend.

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03/09/20 at 06:11pm

The guy who wrote this wrote The Beach,Sunshine and Ex Machina plus several other movies which were all absolute crap so that really puts me off but I will check it out
03/08/20 at 08:34am

Pure garbage. This show is dreadfully slow and uninteresting. The only thing this is good for is a a sleep ad. This is what happenes when directors get a little bit of fame and producers let them create what they want.

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