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The following is a list of shows that are no longer on the air but were not cancelled unexpectedly by their networks. Rather, these shows have ended of their own volition. Often these shows will have series finales with a proper end to their stories, or will be a mini-series or have a predetermined run in mind.

No need to cry over the loss of these shows. Sometimes it's better to go out on top rather than overstay your welcome.

You can sort the list below alphabetically, by original air date, or by final air date. You can also click on a show's title for more information and related news.

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A dramatic thriller where the action takes place in real time over a 24-hour period in the life of a US government agent fighting terrorism.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2001 - 2010

24: Live Another Day

An action drama following Jack Bauer as he attempts to thwart a large-scale terrorist attack.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2014 - 2014

30 Rock

A sitcom set in the behind-the-scenes world of a fictional live sketch comedy series similar to NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2006 - 2013

A.D.: The Bible Continues

A miniseries sequel to 2013's The Bible.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2015 - 2015

Anger Management

A comedy following an anger management therapist who has anger issues himself.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2012 - 2014

Battlestar Galactica

A science fiction drama following a space crew that leads a small fugitive fleet of survivors into space in search of Earth.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2004 - 2009

Bethenny Ever After...

A reality series following former 'Real Housewives of New York' star Bethenny Frankel.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2010 - 2012

Big Love

A drama focused on a polygamist family.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2006 - 2011

Boardwalk Empire

A drama set in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the dawn of the Prohibition era.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2010 - 2014

Breaking Bad

A drama following a terminally ill man who turns to crime to secure his family's financial future.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2008 - 2013

Burn Notice

An action drama where an intelligence agent receives a "burn notice" while on assignment in Nigeria.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2007 - 2013


A dramedy following a troubled novelist whose move to California and subsequent writer's block complicate the relationships he has with his ex-girlfriend and daughter.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2007 - 2014


An action-comedy series following the adventures of a computer geek who is thrust into a new career as a secret agent for the government.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2007 - 2012

Cougar Town

A comedy following the lives of a close group of friends living in the same cul de sac.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2009 - 2015


A drama following a smart, ruthless lawyer and her protege at a New York City law firm.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2007 - 2012

Desperate Housewives

A comedy-drama series showcasing the lives behind the picture perfect facade of Wisteria Lane.

Status: Concluded

Years:  2004 - 2012

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