What is the site all about?

IsMyShowCancelled.com was created to help you determine which TV shows have been cancelled or are still on the air.

So many of our favorite shows get cancelled these days without us even knowing about it. Our aim is to bring you all the relevant information related to the status of television shows - whether they're on a traditional network or a streaming service.

We strive to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news. Even if a particular show isn't in danger of being cancelled, we also keep you "in the know" on renewals, premiere dates, and other related information.

What does each show status mean?

Our shows each have a status attached to them. They can be On Air, Cancelled, Concluded, or Coming Soon. Sounds simple, but what do they really mean?

On Air - An On Air show basically means that there has been no confirmation that a network has dropped a show from its lineup. Shows that fall into this category are usually on a network's schedule for either the current or upcoming season. In some cases the show might not be currently in production, but without any news from the network, they are still considered to be On Air, as they will often return in the future.

Cancelled - A Cancelled show means that it will not return once its already-produced episodes have aired. Networks don't typically come right out and use the word "Cancelled", but will instead leave the show off their upcoming schedule or announce that no more episodes will be ordered. In all but rare cases this means that the show has been cancelled, and we will mark it as such.
In the unlikely event an already-cancelled show is brought back from the dead, we will change its status appropriately and post the related news story with all the details.

Concluded - Concluded shows are no longer on the air but were not cancelled unexpectedly by their networks. Rather, these shows have ended of their own volition, often with a planned series finale or after a predetermined run.

Coming Soon - Shows marked as Coming Soon are scheduled to start in the near future.

Can I get my favorite show on DVD?

If you're interested in purchasing any TV shows on DVD or Blu-ray, look for the "Buy on DVD" link in the left column of any news or show information page. If the show is available, you'll see this link.

In association with Amazon.com, we will link you to the appropriate page where you can buy your show for a great price from a trusted source! Just because a show is cancelled doesn't mean you can't watch it repeatedly in the comfort of your own home. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.