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Sep 28, 2012 - Dec 29, 2012




Drama / Legal




Martina - Janet MontgomeryDonovan - Kyle MacLachlanRiv - Felix SolisNatalie - Stephanie MarchCyndi - Toni TrucksDarlene - Donna MurphyBonnie - Erin CummingsCharlie - Drew BeasleyNolan - Kristoffer PolahaEllie - Alexandra Socha

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A legal drama following a streetwise lawyer who joins an upscale New York law firm.

Martina is a working-class woman from New Jersey who uses her street smarts to compete with her pedigreed colleagues at a prestigious New York law firm. But what she may lack in Ivy League smarts, she makes up for with her tenacious attitude and blue-collar worth ethic.

With the support of her large Italian family, Martina manages to stay true to her roots as an upcoming, passionate lawyer in a new, intimidating environment.

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Spring Kinslow
12/13/12 at 04:00am

I really enjoyed this show. Why do they give all those awful reality shows season after season and cancel a good show like Made in Jersey?
Wendy potter
12/09/12 at 07:13pm

CBS made a huge mistake! Loved this show...Martina was a wonderful witty smart character. Terribly disappointed, please bring her back. If not this show, a new one. She is a beautiful up and coming actress. Loved the whole concept of this show..To bad!
12/02/12 at 00:13am

I believe CBS made a very bad call in canceling this show. Like any new product you have got to get the audience/customer interested by giving us a chance to really sample what you have to offer, but to cancelled the show after two episodes is ridiculous. I have been staying up late Saturday nights to catch the other 4 episodes that was produce and I have to say this would of been a great show. I am but just one person : (.
Leigh Ann
11/27/12 at 09:29am

Best show in a while. Why is all the good ones get cancelled and the crappy ones stay on? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/18/12 at 05:20pm

I noticed CBS is offering another of the new episodes of this show on the Saturday night line-up after Thanksgiving. I guess they must have bought a six-pack and want to sluff the last four episodes off on an off night Whatever, I will take what I can get. I personally was beginning to like the show.
11/18/12 at 11:52am

This show was really good and should have been given more time to pick up an audience. The acting and story lines were interesting and deserved more time.
11/10/12 at 03:04pm

I saw two episodes of this. Wasn't loving it but saw it has a little something, I was willing to at least DVR it so I could at least have a choice. About Kyle McLachlan not sounding like a New Jerseyan, he lives and works in NY, he's not supposed to. Lots of people in Manhattan are not native NYers.
11/07/12 at 06:40pm

This makes me sad that they canceled this show. I really liked it.
11/05/12 at 06:14pm

Glad this show cancelled! What an insult to us Jersey people! Plus Kyle MacLachian is terrible with no NJ accent in this show he is NOT a New Jersey-ian!
10/30/12 at 06:59pm

I was really liking this show.

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