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Jun 18, 2015 - Aug 20, 2015








Louise - Dominique McElligottRene - Yvonne StrahovskiTrudy - Odette AnnableBetty - Joanna GarcíaMarge - Erin CummingsAnnie - Azure ParsonsJo - Zoe BoyleAlan - Desmond HarringtonGordo - Bret HarrisonWally - Aaron McCuskerDeke - Kenneth MitchellScott - Wilson Bethel

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A drama based on the book by Lily Koppel.

As America's astronauts were embarking on death-defying missions during the height of the space race, there was another story being told about the important women in their lives back at home.

The lives of these seven astronaut's wives were transformed practically overnight, going from military spouses to American royalty even as tragedy began touching their families.

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07/17/15 at 07:12pm

One suspects the show may be doomed to failure. Amongst the key network demographic (age 18-30) you'd probably be hard pressed to find 1 in 50 who'd know what project Mercury was if you asked them. Probably fewer would know what a Redstone or Atlas was, and even fewer could tell you the names of the Mercury 7. You're talking about that same demographic who can readily list all the names of the Kardashians and keep shows about them on the air.
Private Detective
07/09/15 at 01:47pm

Just have to see what happens.
David Wood
06/19/15 at 06:59pm

If you're into nostalgic hairstyles, clothing, music and poignant American historical events, as well as claws-bared battle of the sexes, this may be the show for you.
Frankly though, most of the time, I find true events are not stranger nor more entertaining than fictional ones, no matter how they jazz it up.

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