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Combat Hospital

On Air: Jun 21, 2011 - Sep 6, 2011
Network: ABC Global

Combat Hospital Ending First Season Early

One episode of the medical drama will go unaired.

August 24, 2011

ABC has announced that the first-season finale of Combat Hospital has been moved up one week from September 13 to September 6. What this means for its fans is that one episode of the freshman medical drama will go unaired on the network.

The move also doesn't bode well for the future of the show - on US shores at least. Combat Hospital is a Canadian-produced series that also airs on Global Television in Canada. If ABC opts not to move forward with a second season of the show, it is quite possible that Global will pick it up.

A similar situation happened with drama The Listener, which NBC originally started airing for a Summer run in 2009, only to pull it from the schedule after a handful of episodes. The series continued on Canadian airwaves and was recently renewed for a third season.

As it stands, the future of Combat Hospital is unknown at this time, but ABC's decision to leave an episode of its first season on the shelf puts chances of a second one in serious doubt.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (118)

Posted 02/08/14 at 04:28:33

Start the second show already and stop talking about. Just do it!!! You got a good thing rolling, so really? Why stop now?
Posted 07/28/12 at 17:27:42

This really sucks big time! The show is so good. As an ex-combat triage nurse I can say it was truly realistic. I'm so sad now.
Posted 06/27/12 at 16:40:11

I REALLY want Combat Hospital to come back…
I was in Air Cadets from 2003 until high school graduation, knew some people that worked at KAF, AND a CF-member died in Afghanistan…

I REALLY want to watch this show!
Posted 06/14/12 at 20:19:52

I loved this show! That's extremely disappointing. The good shod get cancelled and the bad shows continue =(
Posted 06/14/12 at 16:15:05

Terry H
Posted 06/05/12 at 16:04:52

From USA we like the show has a good acting crew, good scripts it has to continue. too soon to kill the show. talking to my young and older friends all of them loved the Canadian show.

Posted 05/21/12 at 12:45:45

By-the way............I am tired of getting hooked on New Shows that come out and they get cancelled before even being able to grow on viewers. Change the day and time if it does not work the first go round. It makes me mad and I don't want to give any other New shows a chance. It just happened again this years. Tired of the executives making wrong decisions on the future of these shows.
Posted 05/21/12 at 12:41:28

Please bring this show back. This was such a good show and I looked forward to watching it every week. I did not care for MASH but, love this show. Arrange a new air time and day. It will make it!!!!!!!!!
Posted 04/13/12 at 23:25:06

I really liked the show. wish it would be picked up again.
Posted 04/10/12 at 13:15:43

please please bring back combat hospital and off the map my family just love these two shows, we dont want to see vampire and space show, please bring it back. just love it.

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