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Jun 21, 2011 - Sep 06, 2011




Drama / Medical




Xavier - Elias KoteasRebecca - Michelle BorthSimon - Luke MablyBobby - Terry ChenGrace - Deborah Kara UngerWill - Arnold Pinnock

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A medical drama set at a war-zone military hospital in Afghanistan.

Combat Hospital follows a team of doctors and nurses from allied countries stationed at a military hospital in one of the most dangerous places on earth: Kandahar, Afghanistan.

These medical professionals live life on the edge every day, meaning doing things they once never thought possible to save the lives and limbs of those in need.

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Robin Phillips
04/01/15 at 09:50am

Heavens we wouldn't want the public learning about what our people do in Afghanistan or Iraq. We are the evil ones just ask our leaders. Our troops are expendable and we are the bad people over there. For many generations my ancestors and my husbands ancestors have fought for the rights of this country and I have and my husband. The leadership in this country would like to dwindle us all down to be the evil ones instead of the brave, courageous men and women that serve our freedoms. The probable reason it was removed is that it is to truthful and the establishment wanted it gone. We can't have the public see the TRUTH which is something they seem to avoid at every turn around. It is time we vote in truthful, caring, supportive leaders and GET RID of the trash that rules us now. Sorry but it donded on me when reading others emails. The TRUTH is this country right now is a BOLD LIE we need to vote out those who throw the lives of our soldiers away and treat this country as their personal vacation and bank to support their pleasures. I pay them good money to run our country not go on vacations at 2 million dollars every time they lift off. May GOD has mercy on our souls til we get rid of those who we trusted and placed our trust in.
12/14/13 at 08:02pm

I agree. Loved the show. Why cancel all the good shows and leaving the crap ones......?
07/20/13 at 12:43pm

I discovered this gem of show just a week ago and couldn't stopp watching it. It was thoughtful, intelligently written, and brought home enough of the reality of the war without revealing information that could endanger troops still there. I can't express how saddened and angry I am by the cancellation. It is a great insult to the writers, producers, cast and crew. Bless you for your wonderful work.
06/13/13 at 00:27am

this show was great, a more serious MASH of the current day! and look how long mash ran for, 11 seasons. Comon who cancelled it? BOX network? time to make more soylent green!
We don't need reality tv show, our own reality is good enough, we don't need more talk shows, you keep cancelling all the good shows, like firefly, B5 crusade, ST Enterprise, ext. Combat Hospital gave us some feel of what our soldiers had to/still go through out there, bring it back, get rid of "just ink" instead!!
05/22/13 at 03:47pm

Another good show cancelled. It is getting harder and harder to watch shows as soooo many are cancelled. By the time you really get into the show and get famliar with the characters, its gone!
Carla Jean Gilliland
12/06/12 at 01:08pm

well anoher great show bites the dust, well Im down to 3 hours of tv a week now. wont watch the crap. got more important things to do.
10/22/12 at 07:23pm

Yep -I agree with everyone - now my evening is subdued after looking at this site - even the FIRM not coming back - insanity !! Wish we could boycott their sponsors or something so that they'd actually listen to the viewers !!
10/21/12 at 02:09pm

Loved the show!
09/20/12 at 05:54am

I have been waiting all summer for this show and just found out it has been cancelled. I am furious because this was a great show and enjoyed it so much. I am like everyone else, the good shows are cancelled while the 30 minute crapp is left on.
Mary Lou
08/22/12 at 09:59pm

Running out of comments about cancellations but this show should not have been cancelled. It was a very good show! Another stupid move!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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