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Rules of Engagement

On Air: Feb 5, 2007 - May 20, 2013
Network: CBS

CBS Cancels Rules of Engagement

The comedy ends after Season 7.

May 10, 2013

CBS has cancelled Rules of Engagement after seven seasons. The comedy will end after the broadcast of its 100th episode, which airs on May 20, 2013.

Comments (45)

Posted 11/17/15 at 06:53:56

I still watch it on reruns everyday. still makes me laugh.
gary s
Posted 11/17/15 at 06:50:24

I truly liked this show .one of the few shows I watched.sad that it is gone. BRING IT BACK
Posted 08/14/14 at 18:42:49

This show was funny. A great show that I could watch with my family. Bring it back!
Posted 02/21/14 at 18:53:04

Please bring back R.O.E. Such an enjoyable show. Light weight for our stressful lives. We knew we would be laughing. Like "The Ellen Show", a sure laugh!
Posted 02/14/14 at 19:39:47

Please being back this show what can we do to bring this show back the only show my husband will watch
Posted 12/02/13 at 15:35:09

Someone bring it back!! One of the best shows to hit TV, it was funny, smart, and the actors are great!
Last episode had a bunch of loose ends, it needs another season! Make it happen guys
Posted 12/02/13 at 15:24:55

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! This show was hilarious!! There are soo many other stupid shows like 2 broke girls and this one gets the ax? Please bring it back!
Bird Up
Posted 11/19/13 at 20:44:17

not a big surprise. it wasn't that funny. its one of those shows you only watch if nothing else is on.
RJ Marshall
Posted 10/31/13 at 16:05:27

As the 2013-14 season continues, I'm less and less content with the Dr. Seuss line (paraphrasing) "don't be sad its gone, be glad it happened." I WANT R-O-E BACK!
I've come to watch old episodes of R-O-E when there's nothing on TV. Rules of Engagement got bumped off the Monday line-up for--not worth the bulge in Jerry O'Connell's speedos--"We Are Men"?
I like most of the actors in that show, but the writing was terrible, the show was terrible, and after two episodes, was scrapped--the only humane thing to do.
COME ON CBS--BRING BACK Rules of Engagement while the cast & crew are still available!
Posted 10/20/13 at 18:50:41

Why would you people cancel one of the best shows ever. I miss it. Wished you would bring it back....
Why not get rid of some of those stupid-stupid-stupid reality shows. I hate them.
Just ruined my day to hear this news.. So sad!

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