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Those Who Kill

On Air: Mar 3, 2014 - May 18, 2014
Network: LMN

A&E Pulls Those Who Kill From Schedule

The new drama has been yanked after two episodes.

March 13, 2014

A&E has pulled its new crime drama Those Who Kill from its schedule effective immediately. The show, which premiered just last week, has aired only two episodes on Monday nights at 10:00pm.

It is being reported that Those Who Kill is not yet cancelled, although its future is up in the air at this point and no new time slot has been scheduled.

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Comments (47)

Posted 05/20/14 at 19:31:36

This show is so different from anything on TV. I pray that it is brought back for a Season 2. The story lines and the acting are wonderful. Too many shows aren't given a fighting chance. It didn't help that A&E pulled the show after only two episodes. Then very quietly ran it from the beginning on LMN. Note to networks...use marketing dollars to get the word out there. Great show, I'll keep hope.
Posted 05/18/14 at 21:37:34

IS THIS CANCELLED??? I just got into the show! Please let there be another season! Does anyone know??
Hiway Dave
Posted 05/17/14 at 02:00:15

Shame that the fate of this show does not look good. I liked the flow of this show, not needing to solve the mystery at the end of every episode and the way that they developled the characters. I really hope that it stays around for another season. This is a decent show.
Posted 04/24/14 at 09:09:41

I was really excited about this new series, unfortunately, my cable provider (and they are regional so we do not have options) do not provide LMN, so it is a great show I cannot watch.
Greg Cooper
Posted 04/13/14 at 14:33:32

Too bad! This is a very good crime drama with believable characters with real character flaws. I liked the crime scenarios and the perps. Real and authentic story appeal. Caused a gritty gut level reaction. Each episode grew on me and I was anticipating a full season run.
I trust my evaluation in light of 30+ years of law enforcement experience including 20 years as a Profiler, and former FBI Profiling Unit supervisor. But hey.......what do I know?
Posted 04/06/14 at 12:26:05

Yeah this was a good show take off some of the other BS Please bring it back......
Posted 03/25/14 at 18:00:00

I believe Lifetime Movie Network has picked up the show. New episode will air this Sunday at 10 p.m.
Posted 03/25/14 at 02:34:54

I think it's pathetically sad that a serious drama/thriller gets yanked, yet crap like The Voice, the Kardashians and American Idol run on and on and on and on....I guess if you want in on A&E programming then you have to have a beard and a bandana.
Posted 03/24/14 at 07:19:19

Really want it back!!!! I enjoyed it and loved that it was right after Bates Motel! Gave me something to look forward to. If I have to see the line up of ten thousand Duck Dynasty's in a row I'm gonna hurl! Ugh
Pamela Gileno
Posted 03/22/14 at 03:20:43

I really liked the first two episodes. Chloe Sevigny is a wonderful actress. It's too bad decent programming gets yanked so fast....but crap shows like Dancing with the Stars or The Voice continue on and on ad nauseum. Sigh...

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