October 30, 2020

It is being reported that Fox has cancelled Filthy Rich after just one season. The sad news comes five episodes into the drama's 10-episode run. The show's remaining five episodes are still slated to air as planned.

The hour-long series premiered in late September after a bit of a bumpy road making it to air. It was originally supposed to debut last Fall but was pushed to the Spring due to scheduling conflicts. Then when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the network pushed it again to this Fall in order to fill gaps in their lineup.

Filthy Rich follows the Monreaux family, who are the founders of the popular Christian TV station known as the Sunshine Network. When the patriarch of the family dies in a plane crash, his dirty secrets come to light and forces his wife to deal with the fact that the man she loved fathered three illegitimate children, who were all written into his will. This threatens their family name and fortune - and they will do whatever it takes to hold on to what is rightfully theirs.