August 18, 2022

Word is out that Tig N' Seek has been cancelled by HBO Max after four seasons. The news comes less than three months after the animated series wrapped its now-final run. It has aired a total of 80 episodes since its premiere in 2020.

The show is set to be removed from the streaming service sometime this week as part of an effort to pare down its original slate of unscripted and animated fare. The show's art director, Levon Jihanian, expressed his disappointment with the move on Twitter, calling it "infuriating."

Tig N' Seek follows an 8-year-old boy named Tiggy who, along with his gadget-building cat Gweeseek, search for lost items in the city of Wee Gee. The two friends spend their days navigating various dilemmas, inventing awesome gadgets, and causing mayhem at the Department of Lost and Found.