January 18, 2024

It looks like She-Hulk: Attorney At Law will not be seeing a second season. While Disney+ has been quiet about the show's future since its premiere over a year ago, star Tatiana Maslany was not optimistic about it continuing.

"I don't think so. I think we blew our budget, and Disney was like, 'No thanks,'" she stated while being interviewed on the Codenames LIVE! - The New Class stream on Twitch.

The cancellation does not really come as a surprise, as the streaming service has been cutting back on the amount of original content it produces. Considering the show's high budget, it didn't seem to fit into Disney's plans for its streaming future.

The series follows Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who is the cousin of Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. After receiving a blood transfusion from Bruce, she inherits his Hulk abilities - except when she hulks out, Jennifer retains most of her personality and emotional control. Now she turns her work focus to specialize in superhuman-oriented legal matters.