Ice Road Truckers

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Jun 17, 2007 - Nov 09, 2017






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A documentary-style reality series following ice road truckers and the dangers they face.

Ice Road Truckers documents the perils faced by one of the most dangerous trucking jobs in the world. Cameras follow truckers as they take their lives in their hands to drive heavily loaded vehicles across treacherous terrain like frozen lakes to deliver supplies to remote mines.

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06/08/14 at 11:45am

Why did u cancel ice road truckers? I looked forward to that show every summer.
Rhonda Jones
06/07/14 at 03:22pm

Ice Road Truckers is cancelled. I live for that show every summer. That is awful. How can we get it back on the air?
06/04/14 at 07:31am

Please do not cancel Ice Road Truckers . It is my favorite show...
Karen Gleason
06/02/14 at 09:24pm

I love ice road truckers and faithfully watched it on netflix until they canceled it . Wish they would db bring it back, I don't have cable.
Jane Sparks
06/02/14 at 04:33pm

We love ice road truckers! Please bring it back!
ice road fan
06/02/14 at 01:20pm

they ow an expantion
Gail Riley
05/31/14 at 01:57pm

Bring back Ice Road Truckers.Everyone loves it!
Becky hart
05/29/14 at 06:04am

Please bring IRT back I love the show and the drama of it is the best part. When they go to other parts of the world and u siting the of your seat like you Arron the truck with them it is a adventure ! Please listen to the viewers
05/28/14 at 01:02pm

Keep Ice Road on the air.We look forward watching the start up every June.It's one of the best shows on TV.
Steve R
05/25/14 at 07:15pm

Just like everything take off programs we love like ice road truckers and keep things like sewing with Susan . Leave ice road truckers alone

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