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Sep 09, 2008 - Jan 18, 2013




Drama / Sci-fi




Olivia - Anna TorvPeter - Joshua JacksonWalter - John NobleBroyles - Lance ReddickCharlie - Kirk AcevedoNina - Blair BrownAstrid - Jasika NicoleJohn - Mark ValleyDr. Bell - Leonard Nimoy

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A science fiction drama following an inter-agency task force of the FBI as they use unorthodox techniques to investigate a series of unexplained phenomenon occurring all over the world.

The Fringe Division team is based in Boston, Massachusetts and operate under the supervision of Homeland Security. FBI agent Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop are faced with a rapidly spreading unexplained occurrences that could threaten mankind. In an attempt to stop the spread, they enlist the assistance of Peter's estranged father, an institutionalized scientist.

When their investigation leads to multi-billion dollar corporation Massive Dynamic, they will discover that there is more behind these occurrences that is part of a larger, shocking truth.

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01/16/13 at 07:16pm

It will be missed.
11/27/12 at 09:57am

I've enjoyed Fringe's first couple of seasons, but the final 5th season hasn't been anywhere near as good. Wish they'd gone back to the original premise of the series, which was fringe science/events, not aliens taking over the Earth.
10/21/12 at 06:55pm

I used to love this show, but the last season seems to be (at least to me) very slow and even (gasp...) boring. Perhaps it is done on purpose that we won't be missing this show too much when the last season is over. Or they just ran out of ideas and dragging the time by endless dialogues...
10/14/12 at 02:30pm

i love fringe dont get me rong but its kind of going slow i think there running out of ideas
09/20/12 at 10:59am

Great show, can't wait for the great ending it deserves.
09/18/12 at 04:42pm

I'm glad this is the final season for Fringe. I started out really enjoying the show but the last few seasons got a bit overdone. Kind of like Supernatural. Time to hang it up if you are reaching for ideas to keep the show going. Getting harder to follow. Still beats all the dumb reality shows that are taking over tv. Might have to find an alternate to evening entertainment before to long. Also sick and tired of so many law and cop shows. Medical shows are starting to pop up all over as well. can't anyone get creative anymore. Need more shows like Lost. Sons of Anarchy is the best show on television.
Mary Lou
08/27/12 at 11:27pm

Not at all happy that Fringe is in the final season!!!!!!
There's really not much to watch that's good anymore but Fringe is one show that makes you think and I love all the characters!!!!!! I'm so sick of what's supposed to be Realty shows/they're just non-actors doing a really crappy job. We shouldn't get rid of the good one's. Can't you come up with more stories to keep Fringe going?
08/18/12 at 10:14am

Took me some time to get used to Fringe ... once I did look out!!! Great show Torv's red haired banged character is indescribably attractive ... I don't take my eyes from her ...
08/14/12 at 09:58am

they only canceled the show because most of america is too stupid to even understand the show. KEEP FRINGE AND CANCEL ALL THE MINDLESS CRAP leave the Simpsons alone though.
07/16/12 at 01:08am

I love Fringe!! Typical to what I have noticed, Fringe was on Global tv at a specific time then moved, then moved times, then days and times. So I could only see it on their website, now I can only see it through buying the DVD's. Here's a thought, seeing as the networks don't want to keep you, why don't you do full awesome seasons and just put them to DVD? Fringe is so awesome, I have three seasons already. I would totally buy more seasons even if they just went straight to DVD instead of tv as it's already established as a phenomenal show.

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