Man Up

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Oct 18, 2011 - Dec 06, 2011








Craig - Christopher MoynihanWill - Mather ZickelKenny - Dan FoglerTheresa - Teri PoloBrenda - Amanda DetmerGrant - Henry Simmons

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A sitcom following three modern men who try to redefine what it means to be a real man.

Will plays video games and likes non-dairy hazelnut creamer in his coffee. His evolved, sensitive nature is why his wife married him but he and his friends start to wonder, what does it really mean to be a man these days?

With pal Craig still pining for his college ex, and friend Kenny dealing with his ex-girlfriend seeing someone else, they all come to a point where they must man up.

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01/19/12 at 09:20am

Another show cancelled that was really cute and funny, and yet, they keep the stupid Bachelorette/Bachelor/Kardashians etc etc etc that just suck. Great move. Way to keep your viewing audience happy. This show was just darling. I hate TV Networks and the people behind them that make lousy decisions!
01/18/12 at 10:13am

this show made me laugh out loud so much. i think it was funnier than the tim allen show and the tim allen show should have been cancelled instead but politics was probably in play and man up was cancelled instead of his own show. too bad. i'm sad.

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