The Borgias

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Apr 03, 2011 - Jun 16, 2013








Pope Alexander VI - Jeremy IronsCesare - François ArnaudLucrezia - Holliday GraingerVannozza - Joanne WhalleyGiulia - Lotte VerbeekJuan - David OakesMiguel - Sean HarrisJohannes - Simon McBurneyGioffre - Aidan AlexanderGiuliano - Colm Feore

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A drama following the rise of one of the original crime families.

The Borgias is set in 15th century Italy at the height of the Renaissance, where corrupt patriarch Rodrigo Borgia has risen to the papacy, where he goes on to amass power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family - and commit any sin to retain it.

Comments (39)

09/09/13 at 10:45pm

This show was good. We ordered the cable station for the Borgias. So tired of cancellations....this was excellent.
09/05/13 at 06:59pm

I can't believe you have cancelled such a wonderful show. The characters are terrific in their roles and the storyline is unique compared to what else is out there. Shame on you.
08/23/13 at 07:34am

very dissapointed in the decision to cancel one the best shows on tv. lets hope another neteork will pick it up.
beverly burgess
07/11/13 at 02:23pm

The Borgias, a fantastic show, one of the best series on showtime, love the drama and chemistry between all the actors who are so extremely talented. It's really a bad decision to cancel the show.
06/26/13 at 06:48pm

Look's like it is time to CANCEL Showtime, they finally get a good show and the CANCEL it. Who was the idiot who made that decission.
joyce long
06/23/13 at 07:35pm

The only reason I subscribe to Showtime is for the wonderful production of "The Borgias"! Please don't cancel it.
06/22/13 at 08:47pm

Please dont axe this show!!!!!!
06/19/13 at 12:15pm

I am a loyal viewer to the show for three years, why is it when Showtime and the writers make their money they forget about the people that made them the money. This show has at least one more season, try thinking about your views for a change, and now that ShowTime is also canceling DEXTER, I'm asking myself why keep the unloyal station? Keep the Borgias on at least one more season. Please.
06/17/13 at 07:44pm

You must have lost your collective minds. This is the most amazing show for so many reasons. I never watch it in real time. I'm always two shows behind on purpose. Get real people and give your audience what it wants.
06/14/13 at 06:22pm

As I was saying have no doubt i will be cancelling Showtime, right after your cancellation of our beloved Borgias.

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