Animal Practice

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Sep 26, 2012 - Nov 07, 2012








George - Justin KirkDorothy - JoAnna Garcia-SwisherDoug - Tyler LabineDr. Yamamoto - Bobby LeeAngela - Betsy SodaroJuanita - Kym Whitley

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A comedy following a top veterinarian and his bustling animal hospital.

Dr. George Coleman is an ace veterinarian who has an impressive list of "famous" animal patients at his New York veterinary clinic - a place where it's almost as if the patients are the actual ones running the place. George brings his unorthodox style and undeniable gift to work with him every day, where he deals with animals of all kinds.

But much to his dismay, George has recently found out that his ex-girlfriend has inherited the family business - making her George's boss. Intelligent and ambitious, Dorothy wants to shake things up at the hospital by restoring order to the chaos - but not without clashing with George's animal-friendly administrative staff.

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09/14/12 at 12:20pm

Couldn't disagree more! Absolutely love Justin Kirk. He's fresh and yet weird. His character on Weeds is so fantastic, and I think this new character is great too. Could they get rid of his girlfriend?? Yes, I don't like her. She seems weak and doesn't bring anything to the show except being whiny. It would be much, much better if they had a strong female character to play his girlfriend and then the two of them could butt heads constantly with the monkey trying to break it up. I will continue to watch this.
08/14/12 at 08:33pm

Saw the NBC preview of this show that was aired(8-13-2012) after the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

This is honestly the worst, unentertaining show I've ever seen. I want the 23 minutes of my life back that I spent watching it. The main character (who is the lead vet at the hospital) is completely unlikeable, not funny.... ok let's just say there was NOTHING funny about that show. The people in the room watching with me even thought it was a horrible show and not the least bit funny. Did a 9 year old write that script?! Seriously!

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