Malibu Country

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Nov 02, 2012 - Mar 22, 2013








Reba - Reba McEntireLillie - Lily TomlinKim - Sara RueGeoffrey - Jai RodriguezJune - Juliette AngeloCash - Justin Prentice

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A comedy following a woman who leaves everything behind to make a new life for herself.

When Reba's country music star husband cheats on her, she decides she needs a change of scenery and moves her family from Nashville to Malibu. Since Reba gave up her singing career to raise her two children, she aims to start where she left off despite the obstacles in her way.

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08/28/13 at 03:02pm

This was a really nice show. Lily and Reba were adorable and it was a pleasant way to end a hard day. With so much garbage out there why cancel this?
08/21/13 at 01:58pm

This show was a steaming pileof crap!!!
07/04/13 at 02:36pm

This show needs to be brought back. It is funny, Reba and Lilly are great, and it is a great show for the entire family to watch. If Malibu Country and 2 Broke Girls were aired on the same day in the same time slot, Malibu Country would win hands down.
No wonder I never watch ABC anymore. They cancel all the decent shows.
06/13/13 at 10:54pm

leave 2 broke girls alone!!!
another good show cancelled! I love you Reba!!! maybe they will keep your show one day, 2nd strike
06/04/13 at 05:52pm

Malibu Country has it all over shows like "two Broke Girls" that has so much sewer language in it. Reba puts on a clean and wholesome show but apparently that is not what the networks want. Please bring it back.
06/03/13 at 10:58pm

So sad!!!
05/22/13 at 10:51pm

Please don't take off Malibu Country. It is one of the better shows. Reba and Lily are great together. Great family show. Just because there is no sex, dirty language and violence you take it off.
05/22/13 at 11:58am

My entire family loved this show..I hope they reconsider and bring it back. We looked forward to Friday family night tv.
Brad Chachi
05/20/13 at 10:53am

Malibu Country was the #3 show watched ,why are they cancelling it .
Last i saw was they WERE going to pick it up for another season Lilly and Sara are really great as is REBA !
Good clean no violence family shows are far and few !!!!!
It is just as good if not better than Last Man Standing !
Lisa Prall
05/18/13 at 09:12pm

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL!!!! This is funny and clean for the whole family from my 4 year old grandson to my 78 year old mother. Please bring it back!!

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